Girls Growing in Wellness & Balance

Yoga and Life Skills to Empower

Development of Self through Positive Psychology for Girls ages 12-14

Girls getting together for empowerment, connection and fun!

Explore your Self; practice mindfulness and emotional problem-solving; build media literacy

A great place to be yourself!

Details on the Program and Therapist

This evidenced based model focuses on key skills and problem-solving strategies for girls on their path towards empowerment. Faced with media pressure to be thin and beautiful above all else, to engage in early sexual activity and to be perfect in every academic and extracurricular endeavor, young women often lose their sense of self. With group and individual activities, including yoga and art, GGWB nurtures effective coping and decision-making skills like mindfulness practices to counter cultural pressures. A typical session of GGWB involves a yoga warm-up, journaling , a group activity and a mind/body integrating relaxation. With a focus on the developing self, this experiential therapeutic model facilitates the internalization of empowerment concepts (Cook-Cottone and Kane, 2006).

Illysa Foster has a 60 hour masters degree in Educational Psychochology focused on Human Development and Education. She has worked with Project Self , Austin Area Homeschoolers and in private settings with female adolescents in areas of empowerment, including sexuality education, dance, yoga, and social coaching. While attending graduate school at UT, Illysa interviewed adolescent girls and developed a model of ecological resiliency based on the analysis of their voices. A mother of two young women, Illysa co-founded Moonsisters, a mother-daughter group designed for nurturing girls through the threshold of puberty. Illysa is a applying for her Licensed Psychological Associate this year under the supervision of Joellen Peters, PhD. She is currently training in movement therapy.

Girls Growing in Wellness and Balance

Yoga, Art and Sharing