"It's never too late to abort!"

By: Chike Esedebe


Why is it that parents must decide in a mere 9 months as to whether they want to kill their child? Don't all the top-notch murderers of this world, after getting convicted of course, turn out to have been contemplating it for at least a year or two? Well I have something that'll make this literally life-changing decision a whole lot easier on parents everywhere! We should be able to "abort" our kids even after they are born!

Benefits doe

Gives parents more time to contemplate the decision and actually try out parenting first (gives them a chance to raise a successful child but if anything goes wrong then they can still "abort" the kid)

Stops children who turn out to be bad from going any further (jobless freeloaders, mass murderers, etc.)

Should the mother-father relationship end (like divorce or widowing) and a single parent cannot successfully care for the child then it will save the child from unfit parenting, plus get rid of the child support issue, plus it will allow the parents to leave each other without being forced to somehow be accompanied with their, now, ex-partner