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From the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,

Congratulations to our Year 6 students who made their Confirmation at Mass last Saturday evening. Many thanks must go to Monsignor O’Loughlin, Mr. Yock, Ms. Daniele, Mrs. O'Brien and Mr. Popadynec for organising the Mass and banners. The Mass was lovely and the students are to be commended for their reverence and participation.

On Tuesday we undertook a successful evacuation drill.

Just a timely reminder to families, that if there are issues regarding students at St Columba’s, it is not up to parents while on the school grounds to approach children other than their own and discuss issues or reprimand. Parents need to advise a classroom teacher and or the leadership team of any incidents who will then investigate and take action if deemed necessary.

A follow up to a query re: swimming lessons at St Columba’s and why the school does not provide them?

The reasons being, that swimming lessons are no longer in the WA Curriculum and our daily time table is already full and we do have difficulty meeting the curriculum timetable. We are not able to trade off other Learning Areas for swimming lessons as the Curriculum Learning Areas are mandated by the government.

Families are also able to access Vacation Swimming during school holiday periods. The school loses a significant amount of time transporting to and from swimming lessons and the time of the actual lesson itself. It is ultimately a family responsibility for children to be taught to learn to swim not the schools as the school’s prime responsibility is the teaching of the WA Curriculum of which swimming lessons are not a part.

Bully-proofing kids:

Bullying is an issue to be discussed around the meal table, in the context of keeping kids safe. Talk to kids about their right to feel safe; how to recognise if they feel unsafe and what to do if they experience or witness bullying.

Children who are bullied usually display a combination of signs. Children often find it hard to communicate that they are being bullied. Some don’t have the language required. Many kids feel ashamed, or even believe what bullies tell them.

Sometimes kids are also reluctant to tell adults about bullying, as they fear that they will take the matter out of their hands, so your approach needs to be gentle and non-judgmental.

Here are six things to do if you suspect your child is being bullied:

1. Listen to their story: It really is important to stay calm and get the real story. Kids need to be believed when they are bullied, so make sure they get the chance to talk.

2. Get the facts: Bullying behaviour usually follows patterns. An accurate picture will help you determine your next course of action, for example, whether you need to give your child some avoidance or coping strategies or gain assistance from your child’s school.

3. Recognise & validate their feelings (anger, fear & sadness are common): Bullying always elicits strong feelings so make sure kids can share their thoughts and feelings with you.

4. Give them some common coping skills & defence mechanisms: Look for some simple ways to help them handle the bullying such as making sure they stay in pairs, practising a comeback line or even walking and talking confidently.

5. Get the school involved: If your child continues to struggle with bullying contact your child’s

school. Resist the temptation to confront suspected bullies, or their families. Teachers generally have very practical, tried and true ways to tackle bullying.

6. Help build your child’s support networks & their self-confidence: Positive peer groups are great protective factors for kids when they are bullied so do all you can to encourage and build their friendship groups inside and outside school.

God Bless and keep safe.

Allen McMahon


Important dates

Monday, 6 June - Public Holiday (School closed)

Wednesday, 8 June - St Columba’s Feast Day &

Bishop’s Lifelink Celebration with Mass 9am - Free Dress

Friday, 9 June - 3G Assembly

Tuesday, 13 June - Cross Country - Year 3-6

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Merit award winners - Friday, 10 June

Year 1G - Oscar, Charlotte, Darcy

Year 1W - George, Inez

Year 2G - Nash, Oscar, Stella

Year 2W - Ava C, Harvey, Johan

Year 3G - Onye, Kye, Athena, Neve

Year 3W - Lauren, Daniel, Charlene

Year 4G - Michael, Arabella

Year 4W - Emily P, Romain

Year 5G - Sophie, Tiana

Year 5W - Allegra, Alessandro

Year 6G - Matthew, Ashlee

Year 6W - Francesco, Chikamuso

St Columba’s Feast Day & Bishop’s Lifelink Celebration – Wed 8 June

To celebrate St Columba’s Feast Day and the launch of the Bishop’s Lifelink Appeal all students will have the opportunity to wear free dress on Wednesday 8 June. The Year 1 - 6 classes will begin the day with a St Columba’s Feast Day Mass at 9am in the Church.

Students are encouraged to bring in some money for the Mission Game stalls organised by our Year 6 students during the day. This is for the Pre-Primary - Year 5 students to attend, participate and win small prizes. All proceeds will go towards our Lifelink charities.

The LifeLink Foundation was established by Emeritus Archbishop Hickey in 1998.

The Foundation’s current goal is to raise a capital reserve of $10 million which will be prudently and ethically invested ‘to return in perpetuity’ an annual source of operational funding for LifeLink agencies.

On completion, the Foundation will provide LifeLink agencies a guaranteed level of funding and help them continue a tradition of caring for people in need within the Western Australian Community.

We look forward to a great day of celebrating and having fun together.

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Confirmation Mass and Photos

Congratulations to our Year 6 candidates who made their Confirmation last weekend. They have now been strengthened by the Holy Spirit to use their gifts in the service of others. Professional photos taken on the night will be made available for purchase from Photo Hendriks soon.

Reconciliation Week - 27 May - 3 June

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.

This year’s National Reconciliation Week theme, Be Brave Make Change is a challenge to all of us to Be Brave and tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation so we can Make Change for the benefit of all Australians.

Change begins with brave actions in your daily life – where you live, work, play and socialise.

Take these actions with you every day of the year, not just during National Reconciliation Week.

Reconciliation is everyone’s business, every day.

Enrolment - we welcome new families

We welcome new families in the upper primary - invite friends to book a visit if they are interested. We would love to show them around! We have limited places left for Kindy 2024 - please help to spread the word.
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Jump Rope for Heart - we've already raised over $1,000!

Since our launch last week St Columba's students have already raised over $1,000!

Register and create your own fundraising webpage at

Thank you for getting involved in Jump Rope for Heart!

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School Counsellor

Understanding Anxiety in Children

Children can feel anxious about different things at different age ages and many of these worries are a normal part of growing up where the anxiety experienced is short lived. It is very common for young children to have separation anxiety where children become clingy and cry when separated from their parents or carers, or for pre school age children to develop fears such as the dark, storms, heights and certain animals as common examples. There are also times in a child’s life where they feel anxious for example going to a new school or before tests or exams. Some children may feel shy in social situations and may need support with this from a parent, teacher, or school social worker. However, anxiety becomes a problem for children when it is affecting the child’s everyday life including attending school, issues with a lack of sleep, and frequent physical symptoms (complaints of headaches and stomach aches).

If you are worried your child may be experiencing an anxiety disorder it is important to consult with your family doctor. Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636, Kids help line 1800 551 800, and Lifeline 13, 11, 14 are resources that are able to offer support.

Shona Simpson

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Canteen - no cash orders, even for small items

  • Orders must be placed by 9 am
  • All orders now online: Quickcliq
  • No Cash - icy poles, ice creams and small treats need to be ordered online.

If you are on roster and are unable to make your roster day, please endeavour to find a replacement and advise the office immediately via email.

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P&F News

Happy Week 6 Everyone!

I know a lot of families are at home battling COVID (and all that it brings), so please know we are all here to help if you need anything.

Some great news to share this week! As a result of your generosity, the P&F was able to purchase a brand new oven for our canteen. Such a fantastic outcome that will make life in the canteen a whole lot easier. I can’t wait to see what Justine has planned for us (I hear some new menu additions are coming our way).

Thank you to everyone who sent through their ideas in regards to possible learning opportunities/incursions for the children as well as co-curricular activities. We will review all of your suggestions and provide you with an update.

Our next P&F run event will be “Plant A Tree Day” towards the end of June, led by our fabulous Kindy reps. This is looking to be a fun activity promoting sustainability amongst the school grounds.

Have a lovely rest of your week.

Hayley Mitchell

P&F President

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Dad's of St Columba's

Thank you to the Dad's who connected over the week and also attended the catch up last night at The Como.

A couple of events are ahead of us in June for Dads of St Columba’s, these being:

  • The Como Bowling Club – Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn

Pencil in the diary before Term 2 wraps up, a casual catch up with fellow Dads at The Como Bowling Club (99 Hensman Street) and watch the footy.

If new to St Columba’s or interested to connect further with Dads of St Columba’s this is a great way to meet Dads and get involved.

Game starts at 5pm WA time and we hope to see you there.

  • Volunteers are needed to support the Sausage Sizzle with St Columba’s hosting the Camp Australia Handball Competition.

If you can spare an hour between 12pm and 4pm on Sunday 19th June.

Please message Todd Dawson on 0447730656 if you can help out.

Thank you

Dads of St. Columba's Footy Tipping 2022

Hello St. Columba’s Families,

Tipsters bounced back well in Round 11 with honours going to Eddies Mate (Dan M) with 8 tips and 10 point margin. Kinnane Dockers (Tristan K) good tipping form continues also with 8 tips however was pipped on the margin by 1 point.

The Overall Leader board:

1. Binns Clan – David B - 61 points

2. The Merenda Family – Lee M - 61 points

3. Freo Donovan – Pat D - 60 points

4. Kinnane Dockers – Tristan K - 60 points

5. Trish09 – Tricia A – 58 points

6. JChamps – Jennie D -57 points

7. Mat Smith – Mathew S - 56 points

Bye rounds are with us for the next 3 weeks and can play havoc with tipping. Who will be out in front come the start of Round 15?

Round 12 starts Friday night with Western Bulldogs playing Geelong Cats. The game starts at 5:50pm WA time.

Happy tipping!


Todd Dawson

Entertainment Books

The year starts from the date of purchase of your Entertainment Book.

Scholastic Books

Cash payments are no longer accepted. Payments can be made by credit card - Visit or download the LOOP app. Your order will be electronically linked to the rest of your school's order. You do not need to complete the order form.

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School Term Dates

Term 2: Wednesday, April 27 to Friday, 1 July 2022

Term 3: Tuesday, 19 July to Friday, 23 September 2022

Term 4: Tuesday, 11 October to Friday, 9 December 2022

Pupil Free Dates

Term 3: Monday, 18 July, Thursday, 22 September and Friday, 23 September (Catholic Day)

Term 4: Monday, 10 October 2022

Sacrament Dates

Confirmation: Saturday, 28 May at 6pm

Eucharist: Sunday, 19 June at 9:30am

Reconciliation: Saturday, 12 November at 10am