Transitioning to Creekside School

Dear Parents/Guardians:

I’ve watched your children learn and grow and change from day to day.

I hope that you all know what a pleasure it’s been to help them along the way.

So I’ll treasure the happy memories as I watch them walk out the door.

I hope the times we spent together has prepared them for the exciting adventure that Creekside has in store.

Thank you for sharing your most precious gift, your children, with me during a most incredible school year. It's now time to move on so your child can continue to grow and show the world the wonderful things they know.

Have a safe and wonderful summer!

Best regards,

Dr. Debbie Harnois

School Counselor

Mulberry Creek Elementary

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Video Tour of Creekside School

Please click on this link if you would like to take a virtual tour of Creekside School.

Fourth grade students will meet with Mrs. Lori Story, Fifth Grade School Counselor, during the week of May 17th. Please ask your student to give you the handout she sent home. You may also download the document below when you use view this newsletter on the internet.

Parent Survival Tips for Transition to Creekside School

For children transitioning to Creekside School, they may experience some anxiety and apprehension about leaving Mulberry Creek Elementary and attending a new school. All these feelings are typical for students who are going through transition. Creekside is larger than Mulberry Creek, the school work will be more challenging, and there are more classes and more teachers – all with different expectations and personalities. Please keep in mind that ALL students experience some anxiety when transitioning to a new school. Parents can be proactive in helping their child to make a smooth transition. Here’s a few tips:

1. Don’t be too anxious about your child going to Creekside School.

Children quickly notice their parents’ anxiety and this may also cause your child to feel more anxious and worried.

Talk about the transition to Creekside in a positive way! Your enthusiasm and support can help make this BIG change in your child’s school life a positive one.

2. Help your child develop an organizational strategy.

· Designate a study space and set a consistent study time.

· Buy your child the necessary folders and binders to stay organized.

· Conduct a weekly clean-up.

· Keep a master calendar.

· Prepare for the week/day ahead.

· Provide help and support while your child is learning to become more organized.

3. Utilize Creekside’s resources.

· Many are listed on their website. .

· You can access the Parent Portal of Infinite Campus to check grades and progress.

· Parent Tab is where you pay for lunch or print the menu.

· There are MANY other links to important information and updates.

4. Practice a combination lock with your child over the summer.

Many students become stressed or worried about opening their locker in time to get their books and get to the next class on time. Practicing over the summer with a combination lock will help your child feel more comfortable and ease anxiety.

5. Talk about social skills.

· Talk about traits that make a good friend.

· Discuss how words and actions can affect other people.

· Practice skills needed for difficult social situations.

6. Openly communicate with your child.

· Keep the lines of communication open between your child and school staff.

· Be informed, listen, and talk to your child.

· Get involved as a parent. Attend parent-teacher nights, open houses, PTO meetings and/or

other events where you can connect with your child’s teachers and the school.

7. Encourage your child to get involved in school activities! Have them join a team, club, or other extra-curricular activity and attend after-school events.

· Involvement in extra-curricular activities is a great way for your child to make new friends

and to develop a sense of belonging.

8. Help your child to be his or her own advocate.

· Encourage your child to discuss problems and solutions with teachers on their own, but be

ready to help as needed.

9. Take advantage of opportunities to tour the building. Attend orientation meetings, registration, and open house. Some of these meetings could be virtual or by video, but the information shared will be very helpful for transitioning.

10. Know your school counselor.

Get to know the 5th Grade School Counselor, Mrs. Lori Storey. She is your go-to person to help with transitioning for both parents and students.