Sergei's Grad Party!

Class of 2k14

Come to my open house!

Do you like bad parties? Then don't come here! This will be the most awesomest (#educated) party ever! We will serve some sort of edible food probably and maybe a liquid.

Sergei's Grad Party!

Sunday, May 18th, 1-4pm

Daley Park, Ames, IA


For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.


- Have fun!

- Enjoy yourself.

- Visit with everyone. Make sure you remember: HE IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!

- Bring a lot of money for Sergei. He enjoys spending it.

A Super Brief Summary of Sergei's Life

- March 29, 1996: Born in Minusinsk, Russia

- March 30, 1996: Grew my first moustache

- March 31, 1996: John Kerry ran into me - #FO'KNUCKS

- April 8, 2014: BEAT 2048!

- May 25, 2014: Graduation