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News from the animation world, The Week of Aug 20, 2012

Saban Returns to Saturday Morning - But Not without Controversy

The main story, Saban is back - but is there censorship issues?

US Animation

Vortexx Premieres Saturday August 25th

WWE Gets Slammed by CW over Saturday Slam

Power Rangers Mega Force ready for 2013

Jhonny Vasquez returns to animation, and to Disney no less.

Warner Brothers Problems, isnt just CN:

Tribute to Kevyn Wallace, and what you can do to help

ABC News gets it wrong...AGAIN?

C21 Media On Censorship in Children's Media - and a long standing issue in animation.

Last month’s inspiring Olympics opening ceremony celebrated the legacy of children’s literature. The spectacular sequence featuring the terrifying villains of kids’ lit shone a spotlight on the darkness and dystopia that underscores great children’s stories: life-threatening peril, nightmare-inducing villains, and young protagonists overcoming real (and sometimes fantastical) hardships.

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