Inclined plane

By: Ti'ara Nelson & Jasmine Fernandez

About Inclined Planes:

A inclined plane is a flat supporting surface tilted at an angle with one side higher than the other side. The angle of the inclined plane shows if you need to put little or more effort into the object that you are pushing. People use this for raising an object or lowering an object. Nothing on the ramp is needed to move the only thing needed to move is you and your load. Inclined Planes are also used when you aren't able to just lift objects straight into the air.


  • Load goods onto a truck
  • Wheel chair ramps
  • Staircases

Mechanical Advantage

Ratio of the weight of the load on the ramp to the force required to push it up the ramp, the formula you would use is: IMA (Ideal Mechanical Advantage) = L/H (length divided by height)
Sid the Science Kid-Inclined Plan and Simple