Brenden.F. Colonization Project

Colonization And Old Three Hundred

Back In The Old Days

      Back in the day when Stephen F Austin helped bring the old three hundred over to texas, there were some things that the people had worn, and ate back then.      The clothing that was worn back then was hand sowed and hand made. *Fun Fact*(Most women back then only made one dress so when it was time to wash they wore no cloths for the whole day.)       The food that was made back then was all hand made because you couldn't have just went to mac'donalds and got you a hamburger for a dollar.*Fun Fact*(Some women cooked what there husbands killed days or weeks back.)      The pots and pans that were made back then were mostly made by a blacksmith because there was no walmart you could run to and buy some they udes pots and pans to cook all of their food. *Fun Fact*(Some families only had two to three pots and pans made for them back then.

Hard Work Pays Off

Back in the old days people worked hard for what they wanted. They had to learn to work together and have peace in harmony. If they had not worked hard, or worked togeter they never could have estabilished the great communtity we have today.

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