Annie Sullivan

By Sage Mcginleysmith

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Who was Anie Sullivan ?

You probably don't know who I am talking about because she is not well known. Personally, I think that she deserves more credit than she is given because she was HELEN KELLER'S TEACHER and if you know anything about Helen Keller you would know she was very hard to teach.

Annie sullivan and Helen Keller

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Early Life

Annie grew up in a poorhouse and was orphaned at an early age . Because her parents were dead, she was left to take care of her little brother . The conditions in the poorhouse so bad that he soon became deathly ill. When he died, Annie was devastated.Soon the conditions in the poorhouse got to her her to. Luckily,she didn't die but she lost her sight! You don't often imagine the teacher of a famous blind individual to be blind herself now do you? Despite her tragedies, Annie held unto the hope to go to school. Since she was blind, her only hope for an education lay in Perkins Institute for the Blind and Deaf-Blind. One day people from Perkins came to the poorhouse, WHAT LUCK!! They wanted children from the poorhouse to come to the school. Annie stared unseeing into his face and said I want to go to school! So it was arranged so that Annie could attend Perkins
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Annie sullivan at a young age probably at Perkins