CIA Language Officer

Speak many different languages for the benefit of others


This Officer will applie advanced foreign language skills, and high quality translation. Which will help the overall mission of Intellegence gatering. An example would be the agency will need to talk to a suspect in another language, and so the CIA Language Officer will talk to him or her in that language.

Travel and Dangers

Having this job will let you have many foreign travel opportunities, and you would have to go to a specilized training program. Dangers that have to do with this job would be that you could be in the middle of a shoot-out with a suspect, and you would then have to talk to them once they are captured.



Services Required for the Job

You need to pass a certain training program thats helps you learn how to speak a different language. You also need to go to school to master English skills. In order to get this job you will not be allowed to apply for the job if ever inhaled an illegal drug. You would need to be an American citizen also.

Time of Work and Base salary

The work load for this job is very heavy as the work schedule is full time. The base salary for this job is around $51,630 - 94,837.