The Miller Times

Dec. 11 - 15

Teacher thoughts

This week we have assessments in math, social studies, and writing. We are trying to wrap up units before the winter break. We are reviewing in class for all of them but if you want to do some extra studying at home, there is a Social Studies Review in the back of the HW packet. The unit covered the entire history of the US in fast forward, so obvious it covered a lot of content. They do not need to memorize specific dates or people, but they should have an understanding of the basics of the major events in US history. You can use the discussion questions to talk about the different sections. A math review will be finished in class tomorrow and sent home with the kids for studying that night if you want. The writing assessment will all be done in class.

Math Test - Wednesday

Social Studies Test - Thursday

Writing Assessment - Thursday and Friday

Opportunities to Give

This season is a great time to model giving if you are interested or able. There is a Toys for Tots drive happening right now and any new packaged toys can be donated. There is also a hat a mitten drive. If given the choice, I would prefer seasonal giving to go to these causes as opposed to personal gifts for me. Thanks.

Photos of the week

Painting rocks for Mott Children's Hospital. We made Positive Rocks and messages to send to the Children's Hospital to practice empathy and send them love and positive thoughts.

Scholastic Book Orders

I just got my book orders figured out. If you want to order books from the scholastic pamphlet that comes home you can go to and use the class code PB4HN. I prefer this to sending in the paper orders, but I will do this if you want. These orders help us earn money for class book sets and our library.

What are we learning?

Math - We wrapping up unit 3 (fractions and decimals) and on to unit 4 this week (multiplication)

Writing - We are working on essay writing and continuing our persuasive essays this week.

Social Studies - We finishing the rapid fire history of the US this week and moving into a mini unit on government.

Reading - We are reading nonfiction to become an expert.

Word Work/Grammar -We on their, there, and they're as well our weekly sorts.

Specials Schedule

Monday - Gym

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Gym

Thursday - Media Center/Library

Friday - Music

Scholastic Book Wizard - Get help finding book levels