The Miller Times

Nov. 13 - 17

Teacher thoughts

It was really fun getting to talk to a bunch of you on Wed. and I look forward to seeing more families this week. Remember that you can email me at anytime if you have questions, concerns, or ideas. We don't have to wait for our annual conference times.

We are wrapping up the trimester over the next few weeks and will be reassessing skills and levels. I will share that growth with you when reports come out before Thanksgiving break.

Thanks to those that sent in change. We raised $141 for the class library!

What's coming Up

Parent Teacher Conferences round 2 are coming up on Thursday for some of you. I look forward to talking to families soon! If you have not signed up you can do so using the link below.

If you need a different time or date, let me know and we can work to make it happen.

November 16, 2017 - Parent/Teacher Conferences at South Meadows - 3:45-7:00

November 21, 2017 - End of 1st Trimester - ½ Students

November 22-24 - No School - Thanksgiving Break

Photos of the week

Larry running our Boss Dogs Circle. Diversity Circus Assembly on Thursday
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Scholastic Book Orders

I just got my book orders figured out. If you want to order books from the scholastic pamphlet that comes home you can go to and use the class code PB4HN. I prefer this to sending in the paper orders, but I will do this if you want. These orders help us earn money for class book sets and our library.

What are we learning?

Math - We are on to unit 3 and wot=rking with fractions and division.

Writing - We are working on essay writing.

Social Studies - We are the history of the US before we jump into regions.

Reading - We are working reading responses from both fiction and nonfiction that show deeper thinking. We covered theme and will look at relating parts of books to the whole.

Word Work/Grammar -We are working synonyms, antonyms and our weekly sorts.

Specials Schedule

Monday - Gym

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Gym

Thursday - Media Center/Library

Friday - Music

Scholastic Book Wizard - Get help finding book levels