The Miller Times

Jan. 8 - 12

Teacher thoughts

I hope you had a refreshing and rejuvenating break and are ready to kick off the new year. The kids are adjusting to school again. They came in like zombies on the first day, turned crazy by the afternoon, and are settling into normal again. All to be expected :)

The second half of the year is a real push in the curriculum to try to cover all the content we can before they start testing in the Spring. I hope to get the kids back into the rhythm quickly so we can hit the ground rolling. There are no big changes to expect this year, but we will tweak and adjust as needed to make it the best possible experience that we can for the kids.

MLK Day and Progress Reports

Students have next Monday off for MLK Day and progress reports will come home that Friday the 19th.

Homework Clarification

I accidentally printed one of the math pages twice. The students definitely do not need to do it twice.

Weather Station Project

Scholastic Book Orders

I just got my book orders figured out. If you want to order books from the scholastic pamphlet that comes home you can go to and use the class code PB4HN. I prefer this to sending in the paper orders, but I will do this if you want. These orders help us earn money for class book sets and our library.

What are we learning?

Math - We are working on muliplication of larger numbers, conversion of metric units, and money story problems.

Writing - We are working on writing reseach based informational writing.

Science - We are working on the moon, earth, and sun and how they interact to form days, seasons, and years.

Reading - We are reading nonfiction to become an expert in nonfiction texts. We are focused on text structure and main idea/summary.

Specials Schedule

Monday - Gym

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Gym

Thursday - Media Center/Library

Friday - Music

Scholastic Book Wizard - Get help finding book levels