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May 14-18

Lansing Lugnuts Field Trip Information

Lugnuts Field Trip Information - May 15th

Planning and Arrival

  • The bus will leave South promptly at 8:05.

  • Your child must ride the bus with his/her class.

  • Your child may choose to bring a mitt and or some money for a souvenir or a Dollar Day treat (select items such as ice cream sandwiches and hot dogs are $1) Please be sure it is in a safe place. Students should not bring cell phones or electronics.


  • Parking - There will be a fee for parking at Cooley Law School Stadium. There are many parking options around the stadium. Information for parking can be found on the Lansing Lugnuts’ website.

  • 9:20 - We will meet you at the front gate by the statue of the baseball player at approximately 9:20 to distribute tickets and let you know if you have any additional students in your group.

  • Please be sure your entire group stays together at all times. “If one child goes, all go” is the mantra for the day. This would be true for trips to the restroom, concession stand, autograph area, etc.

  • Please note that even though seat numbers are marked on the ticket, it is only expected that we all sit in our section. You do not need to sit in that exact seat.

  • Teachers will be at the top of the Chelsea section. Please let a teacher know when/if you leave our area.

  • Students are expected to enjoy the game and the provided activities in their seats unless the chaperone travels with the students to another activity. Students understand appropriate manners and safety precautions for the day.


  • 12:50 - Please be sure your group meets at the front gate by the statue of the baseball player at 12:50 to board the buses. If a child in your group is riding the bus back and you are staying at the field, please communicate with your child’s teacher in the Chelsea section.

  • Students riding home in parents’ vehicle need to sign a form before the bus leaves the field.

    Please don't hesitate contact me at 734-476-7838 if you have any questions that day. Just mention who you are if you text. Thanks.

Weather Contingency Plan for Tuesday

It is looking like there is about a 50% chance of rain on Tuesday. Our plan as of now is come prepared to watch even if it starts raining. As we get closer and get more precise weather information we will reach out if there is any chance of canceling, but plan on going prepared, in mind and body :)

Fruit and Veggie Month

You all have been doing an AWESOME job sending in fruits and veggies for snack. I know it can be an extra thing to think about in the morning, but it is helping the Fruit and Veggie Month run smoothly. If you are up for the challenge continue pushing for different varieties to send in.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

To all those that helped or contributed to the teacher appreciation stuff last week, it was amazing. Even if you didn't have a chance to help with those specific activities, thank you for your support and trust throughout the year. You are all wonderful.

What's Coming Up

Tuesday May 15th - Lansing Lugnuts Field Trip.

Thursday May 17th - Southwest States Quiz

Wednesday May 30th - Moving Up Day (not as big of a deal for 4th graders, but still a different day)

June 12th - 4th grade trip to Beach Middle School Pool.

June 14th - Field Day (Volunteers Needed) and last day

Pride Wall

We started something new this week. Each student has a space on the pride wall. Anything that they are proud of can go up there. Could be school work, pictures, drawings, medals, whatever. Ask your kids what they are proud of and if they want to send anything in. We will be adding stuff in class as well.

Scholastic Book Orders

I just got my book orders figured out. If you want to order books from the scholastic pamphlet that comes home you can go to and use the class code PB4HN. I prefer this to sending in the paper orders, but I will do this if you want. These orders help us earn money for class book sets and our library.

What are we learning?

Math - We are working on solving complex and multistep problems

Writing - We are doing literary essays and analysis on short stories.

Social Studies - We are working on the Southwest Region and testing next Tuesday.

Reading - We are working on analysis of complex text and extending respondes

Specials Schedule

Monday - Gym

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Gym

Thursday - Media Center/Library

Friday - Music

Scholastic Book Wizard - Get help finding book levels