The Miller Times

Feb. 20 - 23

Writing Resource

This week I am making the writing homework, catching up on our Revolutionary War project. You should be able to log into their Google accounts from home, but let me know if you have trouble and I can help you out. There is no blog this week, and it is entirely possible that your son or daughter finishes this assignment in class.

If they need more information to write their paragraphs you can use this resource below.

Art Project

On Tuesday, the kids will be doing an art project with a guest artist involving animals. If you can either print a picture or email me and I will print it, they can use it for art on Tuesday.

Photos of the Week

Phases of the moon with Oreos

Symmetry Activity

(I didn't take any pictures of our Valentines party or Scavenger Hunt on Friday, but you can ask the kids about them)

Scholastic Book Orders

I just got my book orders figured out. If you want to order books from the scholastic pamphlet that comes home you can go to and use the class code PB4HN. I prefer this to sending in the paper orders, but I will do this if you want. These orders help us earn money for class book sets and our library.

What are we learning?

Math - We are working on measuring and manipulating angles.

Writing - We are working on effective notetaking and writing in a text structure. We are writing about the Revolutionary War.

Science - We are working with fossils and finishing up our unit on space.

Reading - We are reading nonfiction to become an expert in nonfiction texts. We are focused on text structure and main idea/summary.

Specials Schedule

Monday - Gym

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Gym

Thursday - Media Center/Library

Friday - Music

Scholastic Book Wizard - Get help finding book levels