Help Wanted: Superheroes!

Camp Twitch & Shout 2018


We believe in our mission and bring together the best people with the most compassion and love for our children to make Camp Twitch & Shout possible.

"It's more than a camp. It's more than a week."

This Is Camp Twitch & Shout

2018 Summer Dates!


Sunday, July 8th (arrival between 2pm & 4pm) through Friday, July 13th (around 11am)

Camper applications will be up on the website January 15th, 2018!


Friday evening, July 6th Volunteer Welcome Barbecue (in Athens, GA)

Saturday, July 7th (arrival 8am) through Friday, July 13th (around noon)

Volunteer applications will be up on the website from

November 15th through January 15th!

Support made possible by a grant from the Jackson EMC Foundation

Thank you to the Jackson EMC Foundation for supporting our campers and families and helping make Camp Twitch & Shout possible in 2017!
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Camp Twitch & Shout Volunteer applications NOW online!

Join our Team for a week this summer at Camp Twitch & Shout 2018 located in Winder, Georgia! We are looking for volunteers to be a part of the World's Greatest team of counselors at our 1 week overnight camp for children ages 8-17 who have a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome. Camp Twitch & Shout is an award winning American Camp Association (ACA) Accredited camp and has a partnership with the Camp Twin Lakes organization. Camp Twin Lakes Will-A-Way helps us provide a quality camp experience for our children and volunteers.

Volunteer applications will be accepted between November 15th & January 15th through our website. Read more below and apply to be with us in July of 2018!

10th Anniversary

2018 Camp week's theme this year is "Superheroes". I think it's the perfect way to describe what our volunteers mean to our campers. We're looking for volunteers who will join Team Twitch & Shout to help our campers accomplish their goals for the week...because for us it's all about our kids. Bring your energy, spirit and willingness to step outside your comfort zone to become a superhero for a child this summer. Let's make a difference in the lives of these well-deserving children, and help create wonderful memories for everyone!

This summer will also be Camp Twitch & Shout's 10th Anniversary! I remember the phone call I received in 2008 from Lisa Reisman. Lisa was the former Executive Director of our organization. Lisa and her husband Dr. Gerald Reisman had always hoped to start a Camp for children with Tourette Syndrome with Camp Twin Lakes (CTL). That day she let me know that Camp Twin Lakes was opening a new site in Winder, and that we finally had an opportunity to start a camp! I can't thank the Reisman's enough for being our Superheroes! Their persistence and connections helped us create what has become a life-changing experience for so many individuals.

Over the years there have been so many wonderful people that have been a part of making Camp Twitch & Shout what it is today. The Camp Twin Lakes organization has provided us with this incredible opportunity, and they continue to provide support for our program year after year. A special thank you to Josh Sweat and his Will-A-Way Team for helping us make Camp Twitch and Shout the "World's Greatest" Camp 10 years in a row!

Happy Anniversary everyone, and

hope to see you this summer!

Tricia Kardon, Director

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At Camp Twitch & Shout there is a "spirit" that is hard to match. It's a fast paced and exhausting week, but it will also include great opportunities for growth, and most of all...magical moments that will become wonderful memories.

Messages from some of our Superhero Volunteers...


After being a camper for so many years, it is amazing being a counselor for these kids. I work a delicate job that takes a lot of time and stress. Being able to come to camp, even if it is just a week, makes it so I can continue with what I do. A week with these special kids and counselors alike will never get old. I look forward to it every year and get emotional every year I think about it. Life will never be the same if you attend this camp, you won't be the same. Volunteering at this wonderful week long camp will change your life drastically and you will want to come back years to come. Most people might think of this as a special job, but it's truly remarkable how the campers leave a special place in your heart and you will surely cry at the end. I highly encourage as many people to come and help so I know the campers have the inspiration they need. Without counselors, the campers don't get the true experience that comes with camp. So come and enjoy a week long camp full of joy, sorrow, and the Worlds Grearest Campers!!!!


At the end of my 2nd summer at camp a camper told me, “Marie, let your students know you love them everyday.” Although I come to camp so that the kids can have the time of their lives, I always leave having learned more about love, acceptance, and perseverance than I have probably taught in return. I am a special education teacher, and am fortunate to see children learn and overcome challenges on a daily basis, but there is a magic that happens at CT&S that I have never found anywhere else. At camp, kids get to prove that despite the labels and medical diagnoses others use to define them, they can do anything they set their mind to – and they are surrounded by people that truly believe in them. Watching a kid find someone else with the same experiences as them, climb to the top of the climbing wall despite their fear of heights, exchange numbers at then end of the week and make plans for outside of camp, empower each other to educate communities – that is the magic of camp.


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer at Camp Twitch and Shout presented to me in the summer of 2011. It was an opportunity that was offered by my college scholarship program and I had several friends that had expressed interest in it as well. After that first week, I felt welcomed in by the culture of the camp and the inclusivity that it fostered. Children that are usually told they "can't do" something thrive in the environment at Twitch and Shout. These lessons that I've taken from camp have not only helped me as a high school educator but as an advocate for children and, most importantly, a human being. The spirit of the camp feeds off of the spirit of the campers. Being a counselor is truly a life-changing experience and every year I'm a part of camp adds to my belief that this is the best week of my year.


In 2011 I took my first steps into Camp Twitch and Shout. I was a semi-confident 13 year old who had just started his journey into this crazy world of Tourette Syndrome and trying to make a difference. Throughout my journey I have met role models and made friends that I know will last a lifetime. Camp has made most of those connections for me, and I could not be more thankful. When I made the transition last year from camper to counselor, I admit I was scared. I wasn't sure if I do a good job, but then I remembered my first year. I had first year counselors that had never seen a person with TS before camp, but changed my life in mere hours, so I figured I would be okay.

My first year challenged me in ways I knew how to handle because of my motivational speaking experience. I had campers with low self-esteem and trouble accepting their differences. Those things are what I was made for, and I was relieved that my experience gave me an edge. Then there was my second and third year. The second I saw my roster, I was right back to being scared. Yellow 1, 8-11 year olds. How the heck and I going to make a difference to kids this young? I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.

The past two years have been an entirely different kind of challenge. From the waterworks that come with 9-year-olds not getting their way, to the rampant ADHD I struggled with as a kid, my cabin had it all. I was high energy enough to handle them all, but not by myself. I couldn’t do it without the incredible support team of counselors and unit leaders that made my job easier, and I cannot thank them enough.

Being at Camp Twitch and Shout has truly made me a better person. I always told Jeremy Hachen how much he changed my life as a counselor, and he always responded with "you guys changed mine more than you know." I finally understand that statement.

Camp is a special place where differences are not just accepted but celebrated. It's a place that changes my life every time, and it’s my favorite week of the year hands down.

Just keep ticcing. I love you all.

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Information to read before you apply:

To be considered for a position as a Volunteer with

Camp Twitch & Shout, an applicant MUST...

* a fun, energetic, and positive person who is willing to get a bit messy & silly!

* age 19 or older to be a counselor (and at least 1 year out of High School before the start of camp)

* ...(for our Medical Team) be a licensed RN in Georgia or in one of the qualified Compact States (multi-license) in the USA

* ...complete and pass a background check

* ...complete and pass reference checks

* ...complete a video interview within 2 weeks of applying (before January 15, 2018) - link and information will be in your confirmation email

* physically and emotionally capable of supervising campers and participating in all activities with them the entire week of camp.

* able to commit to being at Camp Twitch & Shout 24/7 starting with training on the Saturday before the campers arrive at 8am, through Friday the last day of camp at noon. There is a welcome barbecue for all Volunteers the Friday evening before training (see dates above).

* ...sleep in the cabins with the campers all week long. Supervision ratio is approximately 2:1 (campers to counselors).

* ...arrange and pay for your own travel to and from camp. Volunteer food and lodging will be paid for during training and the week of camp. All counselor positions are volunteer.

* ...have an interest in working with children with a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome and the possible associated disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, OCD, social skills struggles (some campers are on the autism spectrum), sensory integration dysfunction, and learning disabilities. While adults from all different fields and expertise are accepted, students and professionals with experience or a focus on education, special education, psychology, nursing, medicine, occupational therapy, health related fields, social work, advocacy, behavior management, recreation therapy, music therapy, art therapy, a service industry, or counseling are encouraged to apply.

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This coming summer will be Camp Twitch & Shout's 10th Anniversary! Over the years we've discovered that while your interest in volunteering may initially be to make a difference for these children...the campers will make an impact on your life as well. We are so thankful to have such an amazing group of volunteers returning each year to help make it all happen. You will learn to look beyond Tourette Syndrome to discover their strengths and gifts...and you will forever be thankful that you have had a chance to become a part of the Camp Twitch & Shout family.

Job Description: Volunteer Counselor

Job Title: Camp Counselor

Reports to: Cabin Leader

Prerequisites: At least 19 years of age, pass a background check, reference checks, and an interview before consideration for this position. Counselors must also be at least 1 year out of high school by the time of camp.

Position Purpose: Camp Twitch and Shout Counselors are the primary caregivers for our Campers. They are responsible for the Campers’ health and safety, communication with their Leadership and Support Teams, as well as inspiring personal growth through the 5 core principles of Camp Twitch and Shout.

5 Core Principles

1. Resilience: Instilling the process of adapting well in the face of adversity in order to “bounce back” from difficult experiences.

· Seeks to learn more about possible struggles and comorbid conditions for those individuals with Tourette syndrome through participation in training, ongoing communication, observation, and active listening.

· To foster resilience by being aware of the possible individual challenges of each camper in their care, and to continually provide encouragement and feedback to positively impact their ability to handle those challenges.

2. Independence: Creates an environment that gives our Campers the opportunity to function independently, with the goal to improve their self-esteem through discovering their gifts and strengths. A counselor will encourage them to adopt and reinforce the routines and strategies that will help them develop self-competence through positive, supportive, and empathetic means.

· To continually guide, supervise, and help organize activities related to the campers living in their cabin in order to foster self-competence in meeting their own personal needs and goals at camp.

· Seeks opportunities for Camper’s personal growth and provides positive encouragement and compassionate support for each unique individual’s needs and goals.

3. Friendship: Assists in the development of friendships with others that are kind, and act as a positive influence in their lives.

· Consistently acts as a positive role model for Campers and Volunteers by actively engaging in the spirit, community, and fellowship of all individuals living in your cabin.

· Understands the importance of peer-to-peer relationships/friendships, and seeks to encourage and develop social skills in order to reach this goal with the support of the Leadership and Support Teams as needed.

4. Individuality: Assists campers to discover and embrace their unique qualities and gifts that distinguish them from others.

1. To embrace and respect the individuality and diversity of each camper in your care.

2. To seek opportunities that increase self-esteem and pride of all individuals by continually acknowledging and reinforcing their unique gifts and strengths.

5. Mindfulness: Mindfulness is achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feeling, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

1. To gain knowledge of mindfulness practices through the training process, and seek guidance from the Leadership and Support Teams during Camp.

2. To incorporate the tools and strategies learned in training to effectively calm and reassure campers when they are having a difficult time, feeling stressed, or struggling with their symptoms of Tourette Syndrome or associated disorders.

Health and Safety:

To ensure the health and safety of all campers at all times.

1. To see that all campers are properly supervised at all times.

2. To report to your Unit Leader any behavior or activity of a counselor, staff member, Camp Twin Lakes staff member, or camper that is concerning, inappropriate, unkind, insensitive, or aggressive in nature.

3. To recognize and communicate any personal issue or need of yourself to your Unit Leader to ensure your emotional and physical health throughout the week.

4. To make sure you are knowledgeable of any medical needs of the Campers in your care, and access the Medical Team as needed for information, resources, and medical care as needed.

5. To ensure timely medication administration.

6. To ensure proper clothing, sunscreen, bug repellent, fluid hydration, and any environmental needs (heat related, etc…) of yourself and the Campers in your care.

7. To take advantage of scheduled breaks and relief when offered to ensure your personal health.

Communication & Policies:

To read and understand all policies & information listed in the Volunteer Manual.

1. To seek the guidance and support of the Leadership and Support Teams as needed in order to gain knowledge and growth in the role of counselor.

2. To communicate effectively with other volunteers and the Leadership team.

3. To always be aware of, and follow the programming schedule for your cabin to ensure timely participation in all the activities provided.

4. To honestly and effectively contribute to all verbal and written evaluations required.

5. To respond in a timely manner to all communication prior to and during camp.

6. To participate fully in training and camp: All volunteers are required to be on site at Camp Twitch and Shout 24/7 from the beginning of training until dismissal on the last day of camp.

7. To participate fully and enthusiastically in all the activities with the campers.

8. To read and agree to all of the policies and information listed in the Volunteer Manual.

9. To make sure that everyone is having a lot of fun!

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Camp Twitch & Shout/ T.I.C.S.

A program of the nonprofit corporation the Tourette Information Center & Support (T.I.C.S.), Camp Twitch & Shout is a 1 week overnight camp for children ages 8 to 17 with a confirmed diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome. Located in Winder, GA at Camp Twin Lakes Will-A-Way, the program will be going in to their 10th summer in 2018! Camp Twitch & Shout is an Award Winning American Camp Association Accredited camp...winning both the Regional Edie Klein Program of Excellence, and the National Eleanor P. Eells Program of Excellence Awards.

Camp dates for 2018 will be announced by the end of October 2017.

Donations and communication can be sent to our


Camp Twitch & Shout/ TICS

2472 Jett Ferry Road, Suite 400-156

Dunwoody, GA 30338