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Zeus has his own fashion company!

Breaking news

You won’t believe it! Zeus is a fashion designer! He has his own company called Polo up on Mt. Everest. He has over 5000 Greek workers working for him. He hasn't told anyone yet until one of our interviewers (spy) dressed up as a worker, went into the building and saw thousands of dresses, pants, shoes,hair bands, sweaters anything you could think of! Half of the building was for women and the other half was for men. Sadly our spy got caught and got kicked out. But luckily he got picture for us, and a restraining order. Families have been wondering why their husbands and wives have been gone so long, well we figured it out! We have been calculating the money and payment, and we figured out that each worker will earn 3000 each week if the store is popular. The workers aren't allowed to tell their families where the have been, and they can only go and see their families three times a month.

Homer lied!

Was the Odyssey made by Homer?

We met a stranger walking down the street so we started talking to him, and he said that he made the Odyssey and not Homer. He has evidence his name is Homer too and he signed the Odyssey. We compared the Odyssey's signature to his and they are exactly the same! So. Is Homer lying? Or did he really make the Odyssey?