Kindergarten News

Adventures in Ms. Kovalesky's Kindergarten Class

September 15, 2014


We have been learning to be book lovers this week. We also learned about Elbow Partners. We practiced using quiet voices and taking turns when working with a partner. We also worked on finding the different parts of a book including the cover, title, title page, pictures, words, and back. We read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and did activities about the book. We created our own coconut tree and put the letters of our name in the tree. We counted the letters in our names and made a graph. We also unscrambled our names and put them back together to create a book of names. We made mosaics tracing the letters of our names. We also were letter detectives for the letters a and b in our morning message and around the school. We worked on forming the different types of lines that we use to make letters.


We've been using our calendar books to practice writing numbers, tallying, skip counting, and identifying shapes. We've been working on numbers 1-10. We practice counting using our voices, fingers, or both fingers and voices. We've also worked on putting the numbers 1-5 in order. Then we showed different numbers using tiles or pattern blocks. We read Anno's Counting Book to discover what it means to draw a scene. We practiced drawing scenes of 2 and 3. We also learned a math game called Roll and Cover. We played with partners to see who could roll the die and cover the numbers on our game board first.


We defined the idea of a rule. We created a t-chart describing different places that we have rules. We thought of one rule for each of the places. We also discussed the importance of having hopes and dreams for Kindergarten. Then we developed a list of possible rules for our classroom that would help us each reach our hopes and dreams. We learned that being principled means trying to do what is right. We read the story Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse to see examples of what it looks like to be principled and to not be principled. We learned about the Take a Break chair a tool that we use in the classroom for when we are not being principled.

Other Activities

  • We worked on using scissors the right way. When we walk with scissors we use scissor fist.
  • We met Ms. Michelle, Mrs. Moore, and Mr. Lechuga who are members of our school community that help students work through problems.
  • We had our first assembly! Mr. Johnson did a silly skit that shows us how he gets ready for school

Notes From Ms. Kovalesky

It was great to see so many of you on Thursday night for Parent Information Night! If you have not already done so, please turn in the student profile, party money, and primary email half sheet.

Community snack donations can be sent with your child to school. Just a reminder, we have 24 students in our class.

We have Media on Thursdays. Books need to be returned by Thursday in order to check out a new one.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, September 18: Sparks lesson with Mrs. Moore

Wednesday, October 1: Picture Day

Wednesday, October 15: Family Fun Night

Thursday, October 16: No School (MEA)

Thursday, October 17: No School (MEA)