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President Andrew Jackson: Zero

Worcester v. Georgia

President Andrew Jackson chose to not follow one of the rules of the Supreme Court, making him higher than the law which no one should be. A man named Worcester took Georgia to court because they were going to take the land of the Native Americans that lived in Georgia. Worcester won And the Supreme Court said that no State can take the land of the Native Americans. President Andrew Jackson ignored what the court and chose to do what he wanted.
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Indian Removal Act

President Andrew Jackson did a terrible thing by forcing Native Americans out of their land and their homes. President Andrew Jackson created an act in 1830 called the Indian Removal Act which meant that he could move all Native Americans off their land and make them move west. One group of Native Americans called The Cherokee that was living in Georgia was moved west into Oklahoma.
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Spoils System

After Jackson won the election he got rid of many people who earned their job in politics and hired many people who weren't because he liked them. Jackson began filling public offices with people that were unqualified, uneducated, and unable to do the job. He believed that these new people could do just good as the people he fired.
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Worcester v Georgia
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This political cartoon represents how much power he had and how much he abused that power. Andrew Jackson Is standing on the constitution which is torn up to show how he did many things that the constitution would not allow. He is holding a piece a paper in his hand that says veto. This represents how he abused that power and how he used more than any president before him.