Ms. Klein's Second Grade Newsletter

Monday, February 1, 2016

This week...

This week we'll be exploring the question "What makes someone a hero?" First, we'll read the fantasy story Dex: The Heart of a Hero, about a dog that becomes a superhero! We'll also learn about some real heroes in the informational text Heroes Then and Now.

Target Vocabulary: depended, overlooked, sprang, studied, gazing, hero, exercise, sore

Phonics Skills: Words with r-controlled vowels or (for), ore (bore)

Vocabulary Strategy: Prefix over-

Comprehension Skill: Compare and contrast - tell how two things are alike or not

Comprehension Strategy: Monitor/clarify - find ways to figure out what doesn't make sense

Writing Focus: Narrative writing - fictional writing.

Math: We will continue our topic on Place Value to 1,000. Students are working on Patterns with Numbers on Hundreds Charts, Skip Counting by 5, 10, 100 to 1,000 and comparing numbers.

Social Studies: We will finish our unit 4: People and Places Long Ago. There will be a study guide coming home on Thursday to review over the three day weekend for our test on Monday.

Look for a Sign Up Genius coming for our Valentine's Party!

Remember Conferences are next week

Important Black Bob Dates

Tuesday Feb. 2 C Day

BB Culver's Night

Wednesday Feb. 3 D Day

Thursday Feb. 4 E Day

Friday Feb. 5

No School

Next Week:

Monday Feb. 8 A Day

Tuesday Feb. 9 B Day

2:45 Class Parties

Wednesday Feb. 10 C Day

No Kindergarten and EC students

4:30-8:30 Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday Feb. 11

No Students

11:00- Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday Feb. 12

No School