Lori Hartman, WMS Counselor

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Whitehall District Schools Counseling Department
"Children are not vessels to be filled, but fires to be lit." (Plutarch)

Here at Whitehall District Schools I am serious about your student's future. I believe in a comprehensive whole child approach to education and counseling that respects the academic, social-emotional, and career development of each child. The middle school counseling program is committed to developing students who are good problem solvers, work well in a team of people and exhibit strong leadership skills. I access academic and social data to inform decisions and drive the program. I work to prepare our students to be good citizens, active in the community, and successful in post-secondary education.

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I want to help you and your student navigate the middle years. I bring over 20 years of experience in school counseling at the middle level. You may only have one middle schooler, but I have had thousands.