Flint Beecher Tornado Hits Michigan

By: Nathan Dicus

There has been a monstrous tornado hit the lower part of Michigan and is called the Flint Beecher Tornado. It has killed many people and left even more people injured or homeless. It hit on June 8,1953 at 8:30 pm. The tornado was a rare F5.


I interviewed one of the survivors of the flint beecher tornado. She told me that there were car sized missiles flying through the air at about 100 meters per hour. The wind speeds of the tornado reached a speed from 261-318 miles mph, and the wind and debris destroyed over 340 houses and buildings. The tornado injured 844 people and killed approximately 116 people. There was about 125 million dollars in damage.

Interesting Facts

Some strange but interesting facts are that the tornado destroyed about 50 homes in about 5 seconds. The tornado was 800 yards across. The tornado killed a girl that was in a coma.


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