February's Newsletter

Mrs. Smith 2nd Grade 2015-2016

A Message from Mrs. Smith...

Dear Parents,

We officially have been in school for more than 100 days! The children celebrated the 100th day of school by creating a design using the numbers 1-0-0. It is great to see such creative minds. We are kicking off this month with our American Heart Association fundraiser. Each child went home with a fundraiser packet and this event will go until February 12th. Our class is competing against all the other classes in the school to see which room will raise the most money. Please help our class reach this goal!

In a few days we will be celebrating Valentine's Day. I often get parents asking what can their child bring in for the class. First, please know this is completely optional for your child to bring in a valentine for the class. I do ask that if your child brings in a valentine and/or a token of kindness (Ex. stickers, pencils, erasers, etc) that it is for the entire class. We have a total of 19 students (9 boys, 10 girls). Unfortunately, children cannot pass out candy or any type of food to the class. We will celebrate Valentine's Day on Friday, Feb. 12th. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.


Mrs. Smith

Remember to read 20 minutes every night and to fill out February's Book-It. This is due on March 1st!

A few weeks ago I had the students complete a worksheet independently to see how well they could do with following the directions. I was able to see if the students were able to follow the directions because if they actually read the directions it stated for them to only READ all ten questions and to turn the paper over so I know they were ready to start. I want to bring this to your attention because as a class we talked about the importance of reading directions and if we don't read directions we can get questions marked incorrect. In addition to reading directions, we have been practicing with LISTENING to directions. I will continue to periodically do a following the directions activity to see how well we have improved with our reading and listening to direction skills. At home, please make sure your child is reading the directions to themselves and if they come to you right away, ask them if they first read the directions.


We continue to focus on measurement by comparing the length of two lines to find the difference between the length. We also have been learning about money and the value of each coin. We have been practicing how to add coins and beginning to incorporate dollar bills to our total amount. I recommend at home for parents to practice with their child to count change and practice giving change back. We will be setting a pretend store in the classroom where the students will have to give me money and then figure out how much change I will be giving them back. Please continue to have your child go on IXL to practice their math skills.


We are coming to the end of our author study on Steven Kellogg. I choose this author because he is also an illustrator. Kellogg's illustrations create stories within his story, which as a class we loved looking at his pictures. We spent a week reading the different Pinkerton books he wrote and illustrated. Then we switched to read many of the tall tales he retold and illustrated.

We also read The Missing Mitten Mystery by Steven Kellogg. It was a great book to incorporate adjectives to describe a missing mitten which each student decorated at home. We are finishing up our news report on their missing mitten. Once those are finished being published, we will begin to record their news report. I can't wait to hear their reports!

I want to remind parents to have their child go on Moby Max and Raz Kids at home. It is important for students to continue to practice reading and comprehension skills. If you can't find your child's login information, please contact me and I will email you their login information.


It has been such a fun month of writing! We wrote about our dream for the world based on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream he had for the world, which was to have his four little children live in a world where they won't be judge by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. We also started another opinion writing piece based on a news clip we watched from Nightly News. It was about an elementary school in Texas where they give the students four 15 minute recesses each day. The students gave their opinion by stating yes or no if Apollo school should have four 15 minute recesses each day along with their reasons. Our focus this month is to make sure we use complete sentences and to start our sentences with a capital letter and end with punctuation.


We learned about weathering and erosion and the different types of examples of how the Earth can change fast or slow. We also learned about how we can reduce, recycle, and reuse materials. The students came up with some great ideas of how to keep our environment clean. Our last science concept we talked about in this unit was the sun. The students learned how the sun helps up see, warms the Earth, and it is the farthest star.