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September 9th-16th

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First Week Follow-Up

Our first week has been very successful. Students are still getting acclimated to their new schedules. Although there were a lot of firsts for our students, parents are still getting acclimated to the new traffic pattern for drop-off and pick-up.

We understand the first days of school require a lot of adjustments. Thankfully to everyone's patience and courtesy, this week has gone by smoothly.

Next week all students grades 3-8 will be assessed on the growth assessments in reading and math. Students will be assessed twice throughout this school year--fall and winter. Additionally, students will still be assessed on the Standards of Learning. Families may find the Parents and Caregiver Resources For Growth Assessments very helpful.


Mrs. Buggs


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Things to Know....

Arrival-Students should NOT arrive to our campus without being accompanied by their parent/guardian before 7:10 am. Our doors open at 7:10 am to all students. Parents are to remain courteous to other drivers while dropping off students. Students who are car riders should be dropped off at the curb in front of the school. Students arriving after 7:27 am are considered tardy.

Attendance-. All attendance notes may be handwritten and dropped off at the main office. Or emailed, scanned, or screenshot to Ms. Asby at

Excused Absences: Students are only allowed 5 parent notes per semester.

Bus Information-Students should be at their assigned bus stop at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

Breakfast-Breakfast is served in the cafeteria 7:10 am-7:23 am. Students who bring breakfast from home or local eateries must eat breakfast in the cafeteria during breakfast time. Breakfast cost $1.35 unless approved free/reduced lunch.

Lunch-Lunch is served during 3rd black classes for 30 minutes.

11:05-11:35-7th Grade English & Science-7

11:35-12:05-7th Grade Math & History-7

12:05-12:35-8th Grade Exploratory

12:35-1:05-8th Grade Math & Science/History

Lunch cost $2.85 unless approved free/reduced lunch.


Staggered Dismissal beginning with car riders. Car Riders will be dismissed at 2:35 pm.

Parents may pull up to the curb for pick-up. Students are NOT to walk through the parking lot during dismissal to get into a parked car; unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Bus Riders will be dismissed with their teachers walking them outside.

Dress Code-Students are expected to dress appropriately for a K-12 educational environment. Any attire that inhibits the learning environment will be viewed as inappropriate. Inappropriately dressed students’ parents/guardians will be called to bring appropriate clothing before students can attend class. If a parent/guardian is unable to bring a change of clothes or an alternate, more appropriate outfit will be provided by the school

Schedule-A lot of time has been spent on scheduling. We wish we could honor every scheduling change request, however, it could have a greater effect on other classes or the number of students enrolled in the class. Exploratory classes are alternating classes each day. Tuesday, Sept. 6th is "A" day and Wednesday, Sept. 7th is "B" day following the alternating pattern.

How to read a students schedule:

Period-Referred to as blocks. There are four periods followed by (A-B), (A), or (B). (A-B) are core content classes which students will attend daily. (A) is an exploratory class scheduled on "A" day. (B) is an exploratory class scheduled on "B" day.

Course Name-The name of the subject/core class/exploratory class.

Course & Section #-Only for admin to reference.

Term-22-23-Yearlong Course; S1-Semester 1; S2-Semester 2; Q1-Quarter 1 (1st Nine Weeks) ; Q2-Quarter 2 (2nd Nine Weeks); Q3-Quarter 3 (3rd Nine Weeks); Q4-Quarter 4 (4th Nine Weeks)

Teacher-Last Name of the Teacher assigned to the course

Room #-The location of the class.

School Visitors-Limited access to the building. All visitors must sign in at the main office. Visitors may not visit classrooms unless an agreed-upon date/time is scheduled. DoorDash, GrubHub or local deliveries will not be accepted for students.

Water Bottles Only-Students are welcome to have water bottles in class. Only bottles with a sealed lid/cap.

Food-Students should not share/exchange food items.

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Laptop Information

MacBooks are a part of daily instruction. All SMS students will receive a MacBook (unless outstanding technology balance). Outstanding balances will have to be paid to Mrs. Morris, SMS bookkeeper before students will receive an IWCS-issued device.

Students who have not received their devices may pick them up on Tuesday; if acceptable use agreement was signed. If acceptable use agreement has not been signed, students will have to wait until SMS media specialist receives the signed agreement.

All families are encouraged to purchase one of the insurance options. Our school division offers optional insurance for devices which is highly recommended for every family to purchase for their Panther. Most Macbook repairs cost over $100. The plan covers accidental damage including liquid spills, and cracked screens (accessories not included). Please consider taking advantage of the one-time expense of $49 for one-year insurance from September 24, 2022. Money must be received by September 22, 2022. Another option is personal insurance purchase offered by the Worth Ave Group. Please check out their options .

Any laptop repairs should be addressed with the media specialist. Loaner devices will be issued to students only three times throughout the school year. Students who continuously forget their devices will have to meet with an administrator to devise a school-preparedness plan.


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Email to express interest in membership
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SMS Gear For Sale...

Payment is collected in the form of cash or check payable to SMS.

Students may submit orders to Mrs. Morris, bookkeeper.

Orders should be submitted by September 30th.

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