A utopia created by Amy Zens and Erin Kloster.

Welcome to Amrin! A place where all your travel dreams come true.


Imagine being able to live in a place with exotic rainforests, incredible canyons, snowy mountain tops, and sandy beaches all within the same area. A place where there is no need to travel such long distances and spend a substantial amount of money just to move and travel to the places you’re dying to go. Amrin is the solution! At Planet Amrin, these dreams will come to life! Each of these extraordinary areas are only so much as a mile away from one another. The whole idea of Planet Amrin is to allow a place for travel lovers and people who like to try out new, different communites, and climates, yet without costing them a fortune. Of course, every community must come with a set of laws. At Planet Amrin, it is enforced that you may only live/vacation in one of these four areas for a maximum of 9 months in order to keep one place from getting overly populated. Planet Amrin is a safe, well kept place away from any crime. Anyone that comes to Amrin will find that it was the best decision they have ever made!
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Community Members

Amrin is looking for individuals who love all of the different kinds of weather, like snow, rain, and the heat. People who are interested in trying new foods from refreshing coconuts and juicy mangos right of the tree, to mouth watering steaks and delicious hot cocoa. The kind of people who love seeing different animal species roam the different areas, etc. Anyone who lives at Planet Amrin is special and get to live in a very special community. Anyone who may not be interested, will hopefully refrain from coming to Amrin.

Reasons for Existence

There's absolutely no other place like Planet Amrin. There isn't a place in the world you may go where you can experience each of these different climates all in such a short distance away, and without hardly having to pay a dime. This is the ultimate reason for Planet Amrin's existence. People love to travel and get a taste of something new once in a while, Planet Amrin has been created to ensure that people may do that without having to pay $500 to fly on a plane for 12 hours.
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Though Amrin is the absolute dream for any individual, there could be some drawbacks to it. Some people may not be into the whole traveling idea, or may not enjoy different weather types. Some people may just like to settle down and live somewhere for their whole life. In this case, Amrin wouldn't be the best fit.

Contact us at if you're interested in making Planet Amrin your favorite new home!

American Dream

Planet Amrin connects with the American Dream due to its outstanding freedom. Planet Amrin allows those living here to travel anywhere they would like within the planet. They are able to visit whichever area they would like and don't have to deal with the inconvenience of travel fees. This is how Planet Amrin connects to the American Dream.

Fahrenheit 451

Planet Amrin isn't too much like Guy Montag's society in Fahrenheit 451 other than the fact that there is a chance people might not like Planet Amrin similar to how Montag disagreed with his society's rules and ways of living. There are people who may disagree with the way things are run in Planet Amrin and that is how our utopia compares to Fahrenheit 451.