AVHS Family Newsletter (March)

Sunday, March 27th

Important Upcoming Dates at AVHS

Mar. 28 - Classes Resume

Apr. 5 - ACT (grade 11), PreACT (grade 10), and At-Home Digital Learning Day (grades 9 and 12)

Week of Apr. 12 - MCA Reading and Math tests (taken on iPads during Math and English classes)

Apr. 20th Conferences 4-7 PM

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Week of March 28, 2022

NEW! Trimester 2 Grades

Grades for 2nd Trimester classes will be posted to transcripts by Friday, March 25. Students needing to order transcripts can do so via Parchment after March 25.

NEW! April 5 is ACT and PreACT Testing Day

On Tuesday, April 5, all high schools in District 196 will administer the ACT test to students in grade 11 and the PreACT test to students in grade 10. Students in these grades should arrive at AVHS by 7:40 am and are free to leave after completing their test (typically around 12:00 p.m.) Buses will run on their normal schedules.

Students in Grades 9 and 12 will participate in a Digital Learning Day from home.

For more information, please visit the ACT and PreACT Testing Smore Newsletter.

NEW! Spring Sports Start, Registration Is Open

Many Spring sports seasons have begun, others are just around the corner. Registration for all Spring sports is open now and it is not too late to register for sports that have already begun.

Season Start Dates:

Softball: March 14

Track and Field: March 14

Baseball: March 21

Girls'/Boys' Golf: March 21

Boys' Tennis: March 28

Girls'/Boys' Lacrosse: April 4

Click the button below for more information.

REMINDER! A School-Wide Approach to Cell Phones

Our AVHS school-wide approach allows students the flexibility to use cell phones to stay connected to their family and friends during passing time, lunch, and before/after school, but also to keep them from becoming a diversion from the learning in the classroom. This is how it works:

Expectations: What We Do During the School Day

  • During all class periods, cell phones and personal devices are turned off or on airplane mode and stored out of sight.

  • Students may use personal cell phones and mobile devices before and after class, during their lunch periods, and between classes.

  • To prevent usage in hallways and restrooms, students will exchange their cell phones for a pass to leave the classroom during instructional periods. If a student does not have a cell phone, they may exchange their student ID.

Non-Negotiables: What We Don’t Do

  • It is never acceptable to send threatening or harassing messages or phone calls.

  • It is never acceptable to take photos or videos of others without their permission.

  • It is never acceptable to take pictures or videos of fights or dangerous situations.

  • It is never acceptable to use your cell phone or electronic communication devices with messaging or picture-taking options to be visible in locker rooms or restrooms.

Students who violate this policy regarding cell phones and electronic devices are subject to appropriate disciplinary consequences.

  1. Formal warning. Teacher notifies parent/guardian of the violation (email or call).

  2. The teacher notifies the parent/guardian of the violation with a phone call. Referral to document call in Infinite Campus.

  3. Referral to Student Support Office. The administrator will meet with the student and contact the parent/guardian to establish appropriate consequences.

NOTE: If a student refuses to surrender an electronic device to an administrator they are subject to additional consequences.

EXCEPTION: Students who use a personal mobile device to monitor a medical condition (i.e. diabetes, epilepsy) may carry devices with them at all times.

Breakfast & Lunch Time: Leave it Better Than You Found It!

It is the expectation that all students have the responsibility for cleaning their eating area and leaving the cafeteria & commons presentable for the other students. Unacceptable dining room behavior will result in a referral to the Student Support Office. The following are expectations, which apply to the cafeteria and commons area. All students must adhere to these expectations:

1. Each student is expected to clean up their immediate area.

2. If students choose to sit at a table with a mess on it, those students will become responsible for cleaning up the mess.

3. Each student is expected to deposit their trash in the proper trash and recycling containers.

4. The number of chairs allowed at any one table is limited to ten (10).

5. There will be no throwing of food/beverages/objects.

6. There will be no food permitted in the academic wing or beyond the commons/cafeteria during the school day

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Week of March 13th, 2022

First Day of Trimester 3 is Monday, March 14th

Students will go to their advisory BEFORE first hour to double-check schedules and see if there are any obvious errors (a period without a class, two of the same classes, etc…). If that is the case the Advisory Teacher will provide the student with a pass to go to Student Services right away. Please note that we do not change schedules based on teacher preference and students have had multiple opportunities to switch to a different class over the course of the year.

Incredible Women in History by Caitlin Tripp

Lyudmila Pavlichenko was born in Ukraine and was one of the best snipers in history. She pursued sharpshooting when in school and fought for the Red Army of the Soviet Union during World War II as a trained sniper. She soon began to rack up an impressive tally of kills, reaching 309 in just a few months on the frontline.

The German soldiers knew her by name, and she would engage in some of the most dangerous fighting, sniper-seeking sniper. She was wounded four times in battle, and in 1942 she took shrapnel in her face.

She was sent to the United States to tour and drum up American support for the war effort, as the USSR and USA were allies at the time and the USSR depended on continued American engagement. She was often frustrated when asked by American journalists about issues around makeup, clothing, or hair. Finally, she spoke during a tour and said “Gentlemen. I am 25-years-old and I have killed 309 fascist occupants by now. Don’t you think, gentlemen, that you have been hiding behind my back for too long?” This was greeted by a roar of applause.

She got to know Eleanor Roosevelt during this tour and they became good friends. Upon her return to the USSR, Pavlichenko was promoted to major, awarded the Gold Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union, and received the Order of Lenin twice. She continued training other Soviet snipers, and then when the war ended, finished her education at Kyiv University and became a historian and research assistant for the Soviet Navy.


Caitlin Tripp is a teacher and curriculum writer for Atlanta Public Schools. Born and raised in West Africa and Latin America, she loves to travel and learn more about the places she visits. You can read about all the women Tripp has featured by clicking here.

AVHS Teacher and Staff appreciation week April 18-22

National Teacher Appreciation week is May 2-6, we will be celebrating a little earlier April 18-22. We have such an amazing team of teachers, paraprofessionals, kitchen staff, custodial staff and secretaries that love, support, motivate, encourage and educate our students we would like to recognize them with small treats and notes of gratitude.

If you have a story to share of how a teacher has inspired your child or would like to send a note of thanks to our teachers, please send an email to me at Drew.Mons@district196.org

If you are have ideas to share or would like to make a donation for staff appreciation week or the staff dinner before conferences April 20th, please contact Teresa Stepka at Teresa.Stepka@district196.org

Credit Recovery: Register now for the April session

What? Credit recovery will be offered this spring for those that have received an incomplete or fail for a trimester one or trimester two course(s). This will allow you to gain your credit back. Remember- Credit Recovery does NOT mean you start all over. It does mean you must show proficiency and learning in what you missed from a previous trimester (you may be closer than you think!)

When? Credit Recovery will run April 5, 7, 12, 14, 19 and April 26, 28 in the media center with your credit recovery teacher. Please plan on attending all sessions until the course is completed. If you need to miss a day, you will need to communicate with your instructor.

Where? Meet in the media center at 2:40pm. Don’t be late.

How? Register at https://avhs.district196.org/academics/credit-recovery to earn credits in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Intro to Art 2D/3D and/or Wellness

Parking Permits Now On Sale for Trimester 3

District 196 requires students to pay a $60.00 per trimester parking fee. All trimester permits must be displayed on the rearview mirror of the vehicle. Failure to display the trimester permit will lead to a fine. Note: Students park at their own risk; District 196 is not liable for damage or theft.

For AVHS, the Trimester 3 parking pass is available for purchase at MyPaymentsPlus.

Incredible Women in History by Caitlin Tripp

Malintzin/Malinche/Doña Marina (c. 1500 – c. 1550) – Colonial Americas

Born to a local chieftain in Central America and a mother whose family ruled a nearby village, Malintzin (or Malinali, or Malinche) was of high rank on both sides of her family. When her father died and her mother remarried, she was secretly sold into slavery so her brother would inherit the land that was her birthright. Malintzin was sold to several tribes, and over the course of her life would learn to speak Maya, Nahuatl, and later Spanish.

She was eventually given to Hernán Cortés and his men in 1519, and upon realizing her skill as a translator, Cortes came to rely on her. Malinztin was baptised as Doña Marina, and traveled with the Spanish for the next few years as they battled or negotiated with various Indigenous groups in the Aztec Empire. She provided cultural context and insight as well as communication skills. Without her, Spanish success in the region would have been difficult to achieve. By 1521, Cortes had conquered the Aztecs and needed her to help him govern. She was given several pieces of land around Mexico City as a reward.


Caitlin Tripp is a teacher and curriculum writer for Atlanta Public Schools. Born and raised in West Africa and Latin America, she loves to travel and learn more about the places she visits. You can read about all the women Tripp has featured by clicking here.

Masking (Updated 3/1/22)

Effective immediately, face masks are no longer required to be worn in District 196 buildings or on school buses, or other district transportation. This COVID-19 protocol aligns with the CDC’s revised guidance around face masks in K-12 settings and on school transportation. [Updated March 1, 2022]

Mask-wearing is a personal mitigation choice. The district supports families’ and students’ decision to continue wearing a mask.

6 Paid Summer Internships

We are excited to announce a new opportunity for our students! Our AVHS STEM Program Manager, Jim Lynch, has been working with a local architecture & engineering firm, ISG, to create a pilot summer internship program for this summer. ISG is offering 6 paid internships for the following positions:

  • CAD Designer: These students will learn to use computer-aided drafting software to help ISG engineers with all of the mechanical drawings needed to develop their projects.
  • Telecommunications Designer: These students will also use CAD software to help ISG staff plan for all of the telecommunications wiring & systems that are needed in developing buildings. I am told there will be a field component to these jobs so students will have the opportunity to get out on job sites as well as completing design work in the office.
  • Land Survey Specialist: These students will work with a land survey crew almost entirely outdoors to measure and gather information about sites for future development projects.

ISG has openings for full-time Land Survey Specialists and Telecommunications Designers and students only have to be 16 to qualify for these positions. The QR code on the flyers below points to this page.


Thank you in advance for bringing this to the attention of students!

Reminder! Parking Lot Entrance & Exit

Please remember that AVHS's parking lot has one entrance and one exit. At the end of the school day, some drivers are using the entrance as an exit, and this leads to unsafe situations in our parking lot.

Please remember to be kind to one another in the parking lot!

REMINDER! Senior Graduation 2022

The class of 2022 AVHS Graduation ceremony is Saturday, June 4th 2022. Please check our school website for more details.

Please have your senior reserve their cap and gown no later than March 9, 2022!

REMINDER! Yearbook Grad Ads

The yearbook graduation ad deadline has been extended to April 1st! If you are still interested in submitting a graduation ad for your graduating senior, you now have until April 1st to do so. See the details on the AVHS website at FamiliesàYearbook Info to get started.

2022 Senior Party Information

Senior Party Information is here: https://avhs.district196.org/families/graduation-2022

Please complete this form and send payment of $85 ($100 after May 1) via Venmo (@AVHS-2022-Senior-Party) or by dropping off cash/check to AVHS main office (if paying by check, please write the student's name and student ID# on check). We are also accepting donations for scholarships and prizes.

We would like EVERYONE to be able to attend the party, so if payment assistance is needed, please fill out the form and talk to Mr. Blatzheim or your counselor about scholarship opportunities. If you have questions, please reach out to seniorpartyAVHS@gmail.com

REMINDER! Genesys Works Applications Due in March

Applications due in March: Genesys Works recruitment for juniors! Earn around $1500.00 during your senior year working in a professional internship. Students who want to apply and need help are encouraged to come too. https://genesysworks.tfaforms.net/4652175

Seen and Heard in the Halls at AVHS

What If My Student Tests Postive for COVID?

Anyone experiencing illness should follow the Minnesota Department of Health Recommended COVID-19 Decision Tree, stay home, and are strongly recommended to get tested. Please use any of the following options to report your student’s positive test results:

Common to other illnesses, once our nurse is notified of an extended absence, she contacts our Assistant Principal, Pete Buesgens, who in turn reaches out to teachers to let them know that the student will be working on school from home and to ensure that all assignments are available in Schoology, or to make arrangements if assignments need to be sent home or picked-up as needed. We do not share private data about the health condition unless it is pertinent to the class activities.

Isolation Time Reduced to a Minimum of 5 Days

People who have COVID-19 and have or had symptoms should isolate for at least 5 days. Day 0 is the first day of symptoms and/or a positive test. Day 1 is the first full day after their symptoms developed. In order to return to school, a student or staff member under the following conditions:

  • They may end isolation after 5 full days if they are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication and other symptoms have improved
  • They should continue to wear a well-fitting mask around others at home and in public for 5 additional days (day 6 through day 10) after the end of their 5-day isolation period. If they are unable to wear a mask when around others, they should continue to isolate for 10 days.
  • Wear a mask at school at all times and practice social distancing at lunch.

Weekend Food Program Available to Students

Weekend Food Program

Did you know you can enroll to receive weekly @EveryMealOrg bags for the weekend? Families may choose from five options structured around the USDA MyPlate standards. All bag types contain 4-5 pounds of nutritious, non-perishable food, including a variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, and soups/entrees. Click here (https://forms.gle/UfUtQtuuXXvkp8CZA ) for more information on how to enroll!

Apple Valley High School and District 196 Text Messages


  • Text Y to 67587, you will receive a confirmation message stating you are registered to receive SchoolMessenger notifications via text.
  • For help information, text HELP to 67587.

  • To opt-out at any time, text STOP to 67587.

Apple Valley High School Website

Academics, Arts, Athletics, Community, Families, and Contact Information.

AVHS Student Services Smore Newsletter

News and Notes from the Counseling Department including how to set up your Campus Parent portal and information about Fall schedules.

AVHS Family Resources

Infinite Campus/Schoology Help, MyPaymentsPlus, Attendance Office, and Student Services links.

District 196 2021-22 COVID-19 Operational Plan

Assessing & Handling Illness, Face Coverings, Social Distancing, Hygiene & Cleaning, Food & Nutrition, Transportation, Technology & Internet, Mental Health & Wellness, Athletics, Activities, Enrichment, & Facility Use, and Communication.

Here to Help!

Our Assistant Administrators, Attendance TOSA, and Student Support Specialist are part of a larger Student Assistance Team that includes School Counselors, Psychologists, and our Family Support Worker. We will feature members of our Student Services Office and how they can help to support your student next week. CLICK HERE for links to our various teams and a full directory of staff phone numbers & email addresses.

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IMPORTANT! Have you completed the Educational Benefits Application?

All Apple Valley High School families are encouraged to apply for the Educational Benefits Program (formerly known as the Free and Reduced-Price Meals Program) for the upcoming school year. These funds directly affect our ability to hire additional teachers, family support workers, tutors, and other classroom resources for our students. Families who qualify also benefit by receiving discounts or waived fees for...

  • participating on AVHS athletic teams, arts and activities
  • applying to colleges
  • costs associated with participating in graduation
  • academic tests (ACT, SAT, and Advanced Placement/AP)
  • Community Education classes and programs

Educational Benefits

Support Apple Valley High School (AVHS) by completing this application today

Tri 3 Parking Pass

Trimester three parking passes can be purchased in Mypaymentsplus beginning March 11th. Once purchased, students should bring their receipt to Ms. Preble in the main office to receive their parking permit. Daily parking is $3 and can be purchased in the main office. Students must have a parking permit to park in the lot.

District 196 requires students to pay a $60.00 per trimester parking fee. All trimester permits must be displayed on the rearview mirror of the vehicle. Failure to display the trimester permit will lead to a fine. Note: Students park at their own risk; District 196 is not liable for damage or theft.

For AVHS, the Trimester 3 parking pass is available for purchase at MyPaymentsPlus.

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