Hot Springs National Park

Why Is This Park So Special?

5 Interesting Facts

1. There are 47 hot springs that flow from the southwestern slope of Hot Springs Mountain

2. Hot Springs Is the oldest national park; established in 1921

3. Water flows at 850,000 gallons per day

4. The main attraction is the hot spring water and baths in the bath houses
5. There are over 150 different types of birds

Why is this park special

This park has many attractions that the whole family will love. They have the bath houses for if you want to relax. They have many trails (over 25) if you like to explore or if you like seeing nature. We also have what most parks do not, a town. That is right we have our own town and you can shop till you drop out here. Last thing there is no need to carry that 2 gallon water bottle because we supply our own water people have said that it was the freshest and the best water that they have ever tasted.
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