Athlete Caitlin

I love sports!!!!!!!!!

About My Sports!!!!!

My nickname is Nay Nay, I love sports such as soccer, and softball. My favorite numbers are 10, 67,11, and 18. I'm a fan of the tigers football team. My favorite soccer players are Messi, Christiano Rolando, and Rooney. My favorite teams are U.S.A, Spain, and Manchester United. But, i don't just enjoy soccer I also enjoy softball. I'm a Sort Stop and a 3rd base man. But, honestly I don't have a personal spot I can play anywhere I wanted to if I put my mind to it in any sport I play. Softball is one of those natural sports that just comes to me because I play soccer and I don't have to try as hard because its already there. Softball is a total different story to me than soccer, soccer has more momentum because theirs a lot more running and training to be good at soccer. But, for softball you bat, field, and run bases. So a lot of girls out there don't play sports but there is so many reason why they should. I think they should at least just try and if they don't like it they don't have to play. But, I think sports help people be healthy and have more energy to stay active. I'm also not just picking on girls boys need to stay healthy to. But a lot of people say there to busy but actually they have all the time in the world they just don't want to be there for there children. But if there child was more outside than inside they would be more interested in more involved activity's other than school and video games and prom dresses. Also if people don't play sports then they will take them away because we don't have enough team to be able to enjoy the sports and it wouldn't be fair for the people that play sports so just play to make people happy or just be selfish.

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