Salem High School

Quarter 1 of 2020-21

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From the Desk of Mr. Albert

WOW!!! Salem High School is at the end of the first quarter. Thank you to all the students, parents and staff that has made the re-entry to school a great success. SHS has experienced in-person instruction, remote learning instruction and virtual online instruction. The effort was made the best to accommodate the needs of all students each day. Thanks for your patience. SHS is constantly reviewing and looking for solutions to any unique situation that crosses our path.


If the student is ill:

  1. The parent/guardian should contact the school with the reason for the absence. Please call the school at 812.883.3904. If the parent/guardian doesn’t make the contact, then Mrs. Walker will be attempting to contact the parent from 10:30 - 2:30 PM

  2. The student expectation is to review and complete the daily work that is located in the Google Classroom for each teacher. The teacher will post notes, videos and/or assignments with scheduled due dates. Please email the teacher directly with any concerns or questions. This includes if the student might need an extension of a deadline.

Attendance Procedures for In-person Instruction

Students feeling ill will be encouraged to stay home and get the information and assignments for the classroom from Google Classroom. The office will make phone calls checking on the absent students daily. All students will be excused for the day. Students with a fever will have to be fever-free for 72 hours prior to their return to school. The student will be requested to go directly to the nurse’s office upon returning to school. The School Nurse will keep a list of the students and help with the local control. The student will be required to have a temperature check in the nurses’ station prior to returning to the classrooms.

The important reminder is for parents and students to communicate when a student is absent. If you have a question or concern about attendance, please contact Mrs. Misty Walker to help find a solution.

Remote Learning Information (Future)

SHS will need your support and feedback concerning the ten days (August 24 - September 4) of Remote Learning. How can we make the process better? Send us an email or note. Your feedback is vital in the event that we have to return to Remote Learning.

SHS had the students follow procedures below each day of Remote Learning (August 24 - September 4):

  1. A Google Form was placed in the 1st Period Google Classroom for students to submit each morning or placed on the website or other Google Classrooms. Next time the form may be located in the Google Classroom 411.
  2. Students are expected to participate in the Google Meets scheduled by each teacher during the regularly scheduled class time. The time was announced in advance for each classroom teacher.
  3. Students are expected to complete and submit the daily assignment to Google Classroom.
  4. Communication by email directly with the teacher for questions.

*If your household had internet concerns over those ten days, please report the concern to the office to work on a solution in the future.

Online Lion Students:

SHS is working to make connections with our Online Lion students. The use of email, phone, Google Meet and snail mail has made every attempt to communicate the needs of the school and the student. Please communicate to make a difference in the online education. SHS is learning to find the solutions for all situations. There is no bad questions - just ask.

Here are the Online Lion Expectation Summary:

  1. Each student has been asked to complete the daily Google Form for attendance located daily in the Google Classroom - Online Lions 20-21. The Form must be completed each day. Reminder you must be in your school Google Account. The form is incomplete if you are logged into your personal Google Account. Students must be logged into the School Google Account.

  2. Each student has a goal to complete 5 or more classes in the first semester. This will require working on Plato for 5 to 6 hours per day. Early indicators are that if the student is not in attendance, then the student is not completing the work on Plato as well.

  3. There is a second Google Classroom that was set up for each grade level. Mrs. Hazelip and Mr. Myszak hold weekly Google Meets the information is located in the Google Classroom for each grade level (Seniors - Online Lions 2021). Each of you are encourage to attend. Stay involved and communicate with SHS staff.

If you need assistance in the expectations or the process, then please communicate with our Online Lion Support Team:

Online tutoring is available for the Online Lions from 3:30 - 4:30. If anyone is interested or needs assistance with this program, please contact Mrs. Lori Hazelip at 812.883.3904.

Information for Parent/Teacher Conferences

During the first two weeks after Fall Break (October 12 - October 23), Salem High School Teachers will be making the attempt to contact any parent of the student at risk of potentially not earning credit in the class for the semester. The teachers will be making contact by phone, email, Google Meet, snail mail or other forms of social media.

Parents wishing to set a parent conference may contact your child's Guidance Counselor. Grades 9 and 10 - Mrs. Mahuron ( and Grades 11 and 12 - Mrs. Martin ( or directly to the individual teacher. Online Lions should contact - Mr. Hickey ( Communication will be the key to the successful completion of the semester. SHS phone number is 812.883.3904.

Athletic Schedule & Upcoming Events


1 - GS @ Jeffersonville - 6:00 PM

- VB @ North Harrison - 6:00 PM

2 - VFB @ Eastern - 7:00 PM

- End of 1st Quarter

3 - VCC @ Eastern - MSC Conference - 10:00 AM

- Fall Break Begins

5 - BS @ Scottsburg - IHSAA Sectional - TBD

- GS - @ TBA - IHSAA Sectional - TBD

6 - VB - @ Springs Valley - 6:00 PM

7 - VB vs. New Albany - 6:00 PM

8 - VB vs. Brownstown - 6:00 PM

9 - VFB vs. Charlestown - 6:00 PM

10 - VCC @ Bedford North Lawrence - IHSAA Sectional - 10:00 AM

12 - Return to Class 2nd Quarter Begins

13 - VB @ Silver Creek - IHSAA Sectional - TBA

- 1st Quarter Grade Cards Distributed

15 - VB @ Silver Creek - IHSAA Sectional - TBA

16 - VFB @ West Washington - 7:00 PM

17 - VB @ Silver Creek - IHSAA Sectional - TBA

23 - VFB - Sectional - TBA

- 1st Quarter Incompletes Due

29 - PSAT Testing for Grades 10 and 11 - 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

30 - Pivot Reading Assessment Completed - All Students