The United States Amendments

The First and Second Amendment

By Johnathan Ballou

The First Amendment

Freedom of Speech, Press, and Assembly

My explanation of the first Amendment.

I think that the fist amendment gives the people the right to have freedom of speech, press, and assembly. Our founding fathers gave us this amendment because they did not want there to be any monarch in charge of the people. My explanation of this amendment is that no one shall take the freedom of the people away, today they are taking it away because our government wants to be our dictator, so they are acting more like the monarch in England back during the Revolutionary War.

The Signification of the First Amendment

I think our founding fathers made the first amendment because they fought for our freedom, so why not have freedom of speech, press, and assembly if you can. When we are not in the control of England where they monitored the people's every move. "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other(John Adams)."

My Opinion of the Significance of Freedom of Speech, Press, Assembly, and the Right to Petition

Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of Speech is the right to say whatever you want, and when you want to say it. Freedom of speech is applied everyday and everywhere. Before the Revolutionary War, our framers of the constitution made this law because if you were to say anything about the monarch in Britain, the king would kill you. So the framers came up with this because they didn't want anybody to speak their mind about anything and get killed. This law is used in the exact way that it is used today, with some exceptions. You cannot say anything that will hurt someone. I think that freedom of speech is correct with the rules that is applied to it with what you can say in public, and what you can't say in public. On the political side, I think that in political arguments you should be able to speak your mind against the President, or any other public officials, but you cannot talk trash or threaten the person in anyway. The rules that I have just recognized would only be applied in public, not in your home or in private.

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of religion means that you can be of any religion and still be in the United States of America. Freedom of religion should change, because our government is letting certain religions in that want to hurt our country. Our founding fathers made this part of amendment one because they didn't want one religion in this country because in England you had to be part of the church to be in England. So our founding fathers didn't want that to happen in America. Freedom of religion is used today, to import people of different religions that wouldn't be able to get into any other country without changing their religion. This law is used today to import religions that simply don't like America, and very few of them abide by our constitution. I think that our government should not let in all types of religions because some religions want to hurt and destroy America.

Freedom of the Press

Freedom of press is the freedom of communication, media, and writing that doesn't have slander or libel in it. Our founding fathers came up with this law because the people demanded a guarantee of their basic freedoms. The framers included slander and libel because they didn't want anybody accusing and framing someone for something they didn't do. This law is currently used with criminal cases, and newspapers. My personal view on this law is very similar, the only difference is that I think the people should know everything about major cases that are going on in today's world, and that the media properly covers the news without bias.

Freedom of Assembly

Freedom of Assembly is the right to peacefully petition the government for redness, and grievances. Our framers of the constitution made this law to petition the government if necessary. They made this law because they petitioned the English government when they didn't support it. So they made this law so when the people thought that the government was doing something against the people, they would be able to petition. It is used today to petition mainly the president because he is doing a lot of things that is unconstitutional and he has a lot of followers evolved with the government to support him. I totally agree with the way that the framers did with this law.

The Right to Petition

The right to petition is similar the freedom of assembly because you are able to petition, but you are also aloud to make a complaint, or seek assistance of one's help. It was used back then to petition and make complaints about the the government when they are doing bad. This law was used back during the revolution to petition and make complaints about the British when they were trying to dictate them. I am a big believer for this law because you should be able to petition and speak up for yourself when the government is doing bad.

Current Case Involving Freedom of Speech

Does the term freedom of speech mean that you can say whatever you want, when ever you want? NO!!!! Justice Holmes, discussed the question that in every case the right to have freedom of speech is always brought up to see weather it occurs or if it doesn't. So, you can not use some kind of speech like slander and libel, but you can use kind words.
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The Second Amendment

The Right to Bear Arms

The explanation of the Second Amendment

The main explanation of the second amendment is the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, meaning guns. This law was used during the revolution war when the British tried to conquer America. So the framers of the constitution made this law to defend us. This law really isn't used today because our president is trying to band guns so we cannot protect yourself. Even when e bands guns we the people are more vulnerable to get shot because the criminals know that we are law abiding residence, so they will try to kill us. I absolutely agree with the amendment back then and today, but I am not OK that our president is trying to take that amendment away and have us be helpless in a time of crisis and get killed.
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