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August 2021 Parent Newsletter

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Welcome parents!

Please check out all the information that we have for the month of August!

August is....

  • Month-long observances:

    • Deafblind Awareness Week

    Important calendar dates:

How I Made the Rights that Life Denied Me | Eufrosina Cruz Mendoza | TEDxCuauhtémoc



Beginning this coming school year, two of the stellar educational programs in the Albany School District – the Albany International Center and the Dual Language program – will now be housed in one school building. A reminder about these two programs -

  • The Albany International Center is a transition program for immigrant and refugee children (now expanded to include students from Kindergarten through high school).
  • The Dual Language Program is a bilingual program for both Spanish- and English-speaking students.

Both programs have been expanded and will be located in one school building at 50 North Lark Street. (The current name of the school is Albany International Center and Dual Language Program at the Edmond J. O'Neal School of Excellence).

For your own information, and to pass along to others who may be interested:

Dual-Language Program: Pre-K and Kindergarten Spots: This school year, the Albany School District is expanding the Dual Language Pre-K and K programs. Each class covers a regular elementary curriculum and students learn in English and Spanish with teachers that are fluent in both languages. For more information on how to apply,

see: https://www.albanyschools.org/news/1717499/pre-k-k-spots-open-in-bilingual-program

Raising Funds for the New School: The students’ parents have launched a GoFundMe page to help the Dual Language Program and the Albany International Center establish a new PTA and settle into its new home.

Funds would be used for such projects as:

  • Painting murals and purchasing decorations
  • Constructing planter boxes and planting flowers
  • Purchasing additional outdoor play equipment.

GoFundMe link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/new-school-new-school-year

Plan Your Vaccine

Everything you need to know about getting a Covid-19 vaccination as the rollout extends across the U.S. Information available in Spanish and Mandarin.
Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

latest documents from NYSDOH in relation to the travel quarantine updates. The NYS Travel Advisory website has also been updated to reflect the new changes–


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PBS for Parents

How to Handle a Tough First Day of School

  1. Talk about what to expect in advance.
  2. Prepare for big emotions.
  3. Express your confidence in them.
  4. Reach out to the teacher.

Unity for Literacy

Unity for Literacy is a site that offers a variety of digital books for children, guides about COVID-19 for adults and resources for teachers to use in classrooms. The best part is that it contains books narrated in 45 languages!

Columbia County Sanctuary Movement

El Movimiento Santuario del Condado de Columbia organiza con inmigrantes y aliados para apoyar, empoderar y defender colectivamente nuestras comunidades.

Comuníquese con nosotros si necesita apoyo legal en caso de una multa de transito, cita con la corte, cita para registro de inmigración, o necesidad de evaluar su estado migratorio.

United Immigrants of New York

¿Qué es United Immigrants of New York?

United Immigrants of New York es un grupo de apasionados inmigrantes de primera generación que se ofrecen como voluntarios para informar a las comunidades inmigrantes de Nueva York. Brindamos a las comunidades hispanohablantes información de calidad sobre una variedad de temas, utilizando videos, mensajes sociales y otras plataformas tecnológicas para garantizar el máximo alcance. Para nosotros, información de calidad es relevante, de fácil acceso, comprensible, personable, y disponible de forma gratuita. ¡Infórmese y comparten!

What is United Immigrants of New York?

United Immigrants of New York is a group of passionate first-generation immigrants volunteering to inform immigrant communities of New York. We provide Spanish speaking communities with quality information on a range of topics, using video, social messaging and other technology platforms to ensure maximum reach. For us, quality information is relevant, easily accessible, understandable, relatable, and made available for free. Be informed and spread the word!

FAFSA-TAP & Dream Act PowerPoints Presentations - Spanish Versions

Welcome Families of Emergent Multilingual Learners to Prekindergarten in New York State

Resource for the parents of our Emergent Multilingual Learners. This resource was created in collaboration with Lehman College and Translated by our Language RBERN. This parent brochure answers four critical questions concerning the use of the home language. You can access the English and other languages here.

New York State Education Department

Parent Guide to Understanding the NYSESLAT Score Report

This document is intended to help families, students, educators, and the public to better understand the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT), and interpret the 2017 NYSESLAT Score Report for each English Language Learner (ELL) / Multilingual Learner (MLL).


The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is committed to making data available and easy to use. This site provides a first step so families can be better informed as they work to advance student achievement.



Translation Services

Capital District RBERN displays a translation services list on their website. This list contains more than 80 language assistants offering about 19 or more languages.

The Capital Region RBERN offers this list as a reference and does not endorse any particular entity.

**Your student’s school is required to provide you an interpreter for pertinent meetings and should also provide key information translated into your preferred native language.

La escuela de su hijo/a debe proporcionarle un intérprete para las reuniones pertinentes y también debe proporcionar información clave traducida a su idioma nativo preferido.

NYU Guides and Resources for Parents and Students

Resources to help parents & students with the diverse educational needs of English Language Learners (ELLs).

Who, What & Where is CD RBERN? - Informational Webinar

ENL Family 1-sheet regarding Summer/Fall changes

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