7F Mr. Ignatius

April News Letter by Caity, Craig, and Skyy

History Film Assighnment

Our latest project was our history film. We connected this film to the 7 year war by using a common themes. We recently entered it into the Peel District Film Festival http://www.peelstudentfilmfestival.com/. All but one of the groups will be shown at the Cineplex Theater. A great thanks to everyone for devoting their after school hours as well as in school, to work on this wonderful project.


For education week at RHL week had different activities that you could be involved in during four and period five. The activities consist of, sports, crafts, yoga, cooking, baking and even playing with our schools' chicks (and more).

We also went on a musical field trip to the rose theater. Where we watched The Mayhem Poets perform their ``Poems``. They related them back to the real world which made them quite interesting http://www.mayhempoets.com/.

Check Out These Sites/Videos

Pixel Press Floors

One of our latest projects was the video game making project. We had to create our own video game, which also connected to story making because you use a similar process. Check out Joshua T`s http://projectpixelpress.com/app-portal/share/share.html#54f4ce17ade2617f0301aa29 (on an iPad)

First we drew out or video game using coding (for tech class) and them we took a picture of it on an iPad and it came to life, letting us play our games.

Current Project

Right now we are researching a person or an event that relates to the war of 1812. We will be taking this information and creating a text book page (in groups of two) that we will be putting through Aurasma http://www.aurasma.com/ to make it 3D. We will also eventually create our own class textbook that consists of every ones pages. Criteria http://kidblog.org/rhl2014/vignatius/interactive-text-book-page-success-criteria/