Richmond Elementary Staff Bulletin

Making a difference today to create a better tomorrow.

December 25, 2017 - January 5, 2018

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I BELIEVE You Matter!!

This Christmas, may you be grateful for all the gifts around you!

Thank you for making Richmond Elementary School such a welcoming, student-centered, all encompassing place to be! Enjoy the holiday break with your families, taking time to recognize the gifts around you not only during the holiday season but throughout each day. Merry Christmas! I look forward to seeing you in 2018!


To the Richmond businesses and community, Thank you for organizing and providing the TreeMendous Christmas Event! This was an amazing evening of caroling and enjoying the sights and sounds of Christmas on the streets of downtown Richmond. To Mr. Rassier, Thank you for leading our students in carols with your trumpet at the event! Your efforts and talents are appreciated! And to our staff, for volunteering to ring the Salvation Army bell at Coborn's in St. Joseph; what a contribution to our communities! Thank you, everyone, for making a difference today to create a better tomorrow!

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Reading is Our Super Power!

"The art of teaching reading is like weaving a beautiful tapestry. Like every tapestry, reading knowledge is made up of tightly woven, strong foundational threads. Each thread must be present to make the tapestry strong, able to withstand lifelong use, and functional through all seasons," states author Karen Tankersley in her book, Threads of Reading.

We continue to focus our literacy skills on the Pillars of Literacy, which include Readiness/Phonemic Awareness, Phonics and Decoding, Fluency, Vocabulary and Word Recognition, Comprehension, and in some cases a sixth pillar, Higher-Order Thinking. These research-based pillars provide the foundational threads for the tapestry of teaching reading and can be readily applied to Depth of Knowledge Levels. Examples representing each reading DOK Level, based upon weaving the pillars foundation, are as follows:

  • Reading Level One: Support ideas by reference to verbatim or only slightly paraphrased details from the text, use a dictionary to find the meanings of words, and recognize figurative language in a reading passage
  • Reading Level Two: Use context cues to identify the meaning of unfamiliar words, phrases, and expressions that could otherwise have multiple meanings. Predict a logical outcome based on information in a reading selection. Identify and summarize the major events in a narrative.
  • Reading Level Three: Explain or recognize how the author‟s purpose affects the interpretation of a reading selection. Summarize information from multiple sources to address a specific topic. Analyze and describe the characteristics of various types of literature.
  • Reading Level Four: Analyze and synthesize information from multiple sources. Examine and explain alternative perspectives across a variety of sources. Describe and illustrate how common themes are found across texts from different cultures.

Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation Forms can be found HERE


In an effort to track and streamline the referral process for counseling and mental health support, please start with Ambur for any mental health services for our students. Ambur will manage the next steps for the students which could include small groups, individual counseling, and/or True Balance counseling.

Students already receiving counseling services from True Balance will not be effected. They will continue their own services.

OUR WEEK AT A GLANCE January 3-5, 2018


  • Office Closed! Happy New Year
  • Office Open
  • Mary at PreK-3 PLC 9:30 DEF


  • Office Open
  • SRWD 5th Grade 11:00
  • Mary at CMLP Meeting DO 1:00-2:30
  • Mary at IEP 2:45


  • Office Open
  • District Staff Development DO 7:00
  • Judith Gift of Time 9:30
  • Kelly Gift of Time 2:00

Upcoming Important Dates

January 3: Welcome Back!

January 8, 22: Staff Meeting 7:30 Media

January 9: FAST Testing

January 11: FAST Testing

January 11: PTC Meeting Richmond Elementary Lounge 6pm

January 15: District Academy Day; No School

January 18: Train the Trainer Math Training Rotations (schedule forthcoming)

January 26: Three Hour Early Student Dismissal

January 29- February 2: Winter Wonderland Week

February 2: Winter Carnival at Richmond Elementary (evening)

April 28: Richmond Elementary Color Run at Centennial Park

May 17: Spring Family Picnic at Lions Park 5pm


District Level

RtI (Response to Intervention)CI (Curriculum and Instruction)SD (Staff Development)Technology
  • Referendum passed!!
Teacher Evaluation

Building Level

Staff Meeting

  • Meeting 1/8 at 7:30 Media
  • Meeting 1/10 7:35 Media
  • Meeting 1/24 2:50 Kelly's Room
  • Meeting 1/30 2:50 Media