Project scheme


Detailed scope (describe what to focus on)

re-organazing the current deployment method

Motivation/problem (why are we doing this project)

Better use of resources (money, time, people, IT infrastructure) requires a new approach

Method/Solution (how to solve the problem or deal with the challenge)

new (BLUE/GREEN) deployment scheme. Implement with [stage,QA, production,Dev] team

Deliverables (what is delivered to the client and delivery due date)

  1. New scheme
  2. Implementation

Assumptions (technical issues, strategic topics, business assumptions)

  1. client wants to pilot a new approach
  2. Client is going to be surprised by results (good/bad thing?)

Risks & Obstacles

  1. searching for open-source code might be lengthy

Goals (set SMART goals and describe monitoring / control tools)

  1. Realize the best scheme for the client within the defined timeframe
  2. Implement the new scheme/approach/work-flow
  3. Is this goal Specific ? Measurable ? Relevant? Time bound ?

KPI's (help us track project towards reaching desired goals)

  1. Success indicators - client delighted ? goals reached ? benefit gained ?
  2. Sustainability indicators - Approach adopted? mind-set changed ? client controls the process and aware of results ?
  3. New deployment processes performances (time, costs) - zoom-in scope environment
  4. work-flow performances (time, cost, resource allocation) - zoom-out scope environment
  5. Resources utilization / optimization rate

Work Flow (backlog, team-roles, task breakout)