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TPSF Summer Academy Middle School Competitive Robotics

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June 21, 2018- Week 1

We have had a fantastic week 1 of the summer robotics 2.0 program. We began the week dissecting the game manual for the new VEX game "Next Level". We began our engineering notebooks, defined the problem, brainstormed, researched, developed/chose the best idea and building the chassis. We are right on schedule to complete working robots by our showcase on July 12th!

Robotics 2.0 is a TPSF summer program that helps prepare one team from each middle school for the competition season. These students will bring back the lessons they learn over summer and become the robotics leaders back at their school sites. We have an absolutely fantastic group of kids this year and they have made so much progress in one week. This is going to be a fun 2018-2019 season.

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High School Mentors

TUSD Robotics is so grateful for the help and guidance of the high school mentors! They are all experienced TUSD Robotics team members and each help out one of the robotics classes offered at the TPSF Summer Academy as well as preparing for next year's competition season. Unfortunately, some are not pictured above, but their current assignments are:


Dylan Schwarzer

Dhaval Vora

Robotics 1.0 Elementary VEX IQ

Aidan Petrie

Luke Knudson

Ryan Steinman

Sterling Douglas

Robotics 1.5 Introduction to VEX Robotics

Connor Wallace

Robotics 2.0

Kaeshav Chandrasekar

David Seo

Ashwin Dara

Devin Ho

Alan Anuma

Tim Jang

Will Xu

Michelle Manku

Taruna Manku

Teacher's Assistant:

Preston Smith

We could not pull off these types of summer camp offerings or the TUSD Robotics competition season without their hard work over the summer. Thank you so very much!

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