Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

By: Haley

About Rio's Location

If you love tropical locations with beautiful landscapes and clear waters, you then want to visit the amazing Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You will never believe how amazing Rio is, with its great town, amazing foods, and very green landscapes. Rio is on a huge seaside by the Atlantic Ocean bay. If you are a scientist and you understand latitude and longitude, Rio is 22.90 S , 43.1729 W just in case.

Human Characteristics

Rio is one of the safest places on earth. No ever gets hurts in Rio. The Rio people are know as Chrioca. Rio is known for there fabulous music and great dancing. And music is very popular in Brazil. The language in Rio that they speak is Portuguese/Spanish. The currency/money in Rio is Euro, Euro is one penny in America, 0.91. Religions in in Brazil are called Catholics.

Rio Region and Physical Characteristics

Rio is in a southeast region of Brazil. Rio is not only known for its natural beauty of its surroundings but its great its great environment. The land forms in Rio are cool , Guiana highlands.The weather feels really good in Rio. The temp. is always nice (90'F ), (P 47%),

(H 66%) and the wind: 13 mph. You could be outside all day and you would love it. The animals there are really cool they have beautiful birds.

Facts: Every year Rio has a big party called Carnival its the biggest party in the world, Christ the Redeemer is a Deco statue of Jesus, Rio is hosting the summer Olympics.

Human Eviorment Info

Rio is known as a very earthly place. The are working on this problem in other parts of the world trying to make them better and more earthly. They are helping the environment, they are clean streets and recycling and there not throwing trash in the ocean. Thats what people in Brazil do to keep there city safe.

Movement in Rio

The movement in Brazil they usually they walk or they take a cab. The spanish navigator Vicentc Yanez Pinzon has credited with the first known European to find Brazil to find Brazil when he was exploring around the world. And thats all I know . . . .