Human Rights Campaign Project

Everything you need to know!!

Campaign = to work in an organized and active way toward a particular goal, typically a political or social one.

Your Campaign needs a Name and a Slogan, as well as Specific Goal

Ideas and Tips:
  • Make the name something unique that people will remember.
  • The name does not have to be obviously about the could be about what you want your audience to do. For example, a campaign called "SpeakUp" or "LookOut" could be for just about any issue.
  • Acronyms can sometimes be good names, and what they stand for can be the slogan.
  • Names should be short - 2 or 3 words will do.
  • Make sure your campaign has a clear goal. Examples: writing letters to lawmakers or companies; boycotting or supporting companies based on their human rights; advocating donating to specific organizations


This logo will be included in EVERYTHING else you create.

The color scheme of this logo will determine the color scheme of your campaign.


Make your logo in Photoshop. It CANNOT include any images found online. Size: 2" x 2"

Your campaign needs a Website

The website will be the main way you will show what you know about this issue. Think of it as informing your audience about

  • what is happening,
  • why they should care, and
  • what you want them to do once they care.

All FACTS and IMAGES must include citations. You cannot use any images that are copyrighted. Use Google Advanced Image Search ( to find images that are free to use and share.

You will use to create your website.

Your Campaign needs Posters

Use Photoshop to design 2 different posters for your campaign. They must include the logo, the slogan, and the website address.

Your posters CANNOT INCLUDE ANY COPYRIGHTED IMAGES. You must provide a citation for any images/photographs used. Use the Google Advanced Image Search ( to find images that are free to use, share and modify.

Think about the posters as advertisements for your website...they should give your audience enough information so they know what the issue is, and should draw their attention & emotions so they want to go to your website to learn more.

Follow the rules of graphic design when creating your posters! See below for several examples. FEEL FREE TO LOOK FOR DESIGNS ONLINE FOR MORE INSPIRATION.

Poster size = 8 1/2" x 11"

Add images of your posters to your website.


PICK one other multimedia way to reach your audience.

  • A Song/Rap
  • A Video
  • An animation (GoAnimate or Wideo are good sites to try)
  • A photo-montage video (Animoto)
  • A narrated, multimedia slideshow/presentation converted into a video

Add your multimedia to your website.