No Worse Enemy

By: Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson of BBC travels to the front lines of war-torn Afghanistan with the British Grenadier Guards and US Marines to explore the struggles to win over the population, clear out IEDs, and fight a battle for days only to have to fight it again a few weeks later.
I liked this book because it is a well written book about a topic I am interested in. My favorite part was when the Marines invade Marjah (The Pork Chop) during Operation Mushtaraq, because of not only the action, but the depth in which it was described. I would not change the book at all, except to make it last longer. Though you don't see the various soldiers for long it was very easy to relate and like them. I would definitely recommend this book.
Cool, detailed, descriptive, technical, and intense

It uses very technical language, duh!

Figurative language:

"We walked into a small valley filled with walls, buildings and caves, hiding perfect bunkers, trenches, and firing holes; invisible until you were so close you'd be dead. They were deserted, but there was no relief, no joy at this lucky break." p.42

"His right eye was badly infected; it looked like it was cast from creamy-colored, misty glass, like a prized marble." p.237

It was an easy read with easy to understand language after you get used to the writing style (for me at least).

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Review by Timothy E. Gager