Maddi Fairbanks, Aidan McGrady, and Maaike Goudy

In total we earned $273

What we did

Bake Sale

One of our objectives for this project was to have a bake sale, this was the only thing we were able to accomplish, but it did well. We were able to sell $133 worth of cookies and brownies around the school and then sold $64 after school. In total, we raised $197 from selling chocolate chip cookies, homemade oreos, and brownies for $1 each.
  • One person sold 28

  • Another 75

  • Another 30

  • We then sold 64 at a bake sale


Throughout the semester we handed out over 100 of these flyers that helped get the name of our organization out there and encouraged people to donate and buy our goodies for a good cause


We went around and passed out these flyers to friends, family, co-workers, and people around school and asked for donations. By doing this we were able to raise another $76.