Big Bang Theory Evididence

What evidence is there that supports the Big Bang Theory?

Origins of the Theory

Edwin Hubble after discovering what would be known has Hubble's law proposed the first theory of the universes inflation with any form of reliable supporting evidence. The theory would come to be known as the the Big Bang. As the name implies the idea was a theory and still is, however since it was proposed the theory has become more and more plausible as new evidence had been discovered. Including the newest piece of evidence which had been found only a few years ago in 2014. Of these pieces of evidence the first major piece came in 1929 and was Edwin Hubble's discovery that galaxies are moving away from each other and the further away a galaxy is the faster it accelerates away. The second piece of major supporting evidence was found in 1965 by two radio astronomers, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, who had picked up cosmic microwave background radiation at a temperature of 2.725 kelvins which is believed to be the reminisce of the temperature of the universe's state prior to the inflation. And the newest piece of evidence which was found in 2014 are gravitational wave imprints which have received a surprising amount of support from leaders in the field considering the evidence still requires further research before it can be confirmed.