Projector Screen

By: Charlsie Drugmand

How it Was Incorporated Into The Classroom

The teacher used this tool to:

  • review things as a class
  • explain problems
  • answer questions
  • teach the class as a whole how to do things.

How I will Incorcporate This In My Classroom

  • teach concepts
  • explain problems
  • review assignments
  • reinforce concepts
  • explain assignments
  • class discussions

The Social Learning Theory

This tool supports the social learning theory by:

  • Showing students how to do problems
  • Encouraging Social Interaction in discussing the assignment at hand.
  • Learning through observation

How it Supports Development

  • It reinforces concepts
  • It allows for social interaction, enhancing social skills
  • It allows students to see how to do things, enhancing their knowledge and creating a better understanding of the problems.
  • It sometimes encourages physical activity in game instructions or other various activities in the classroom.
  • It can be used for students to take notes or refer back to if they forget instructions or how to do a problem.