Welcome to Team Believe

It's Owl Family - Thanks for joining us!

We are very excited to welcome you to our team!

Madison, Tatum and I have been with Origami Owl almost 4 years now! Wow! Some designers call us "Mama Owl" and we are your Direct Designers to corporate. This letter is to welcome you to the Origami team and our "Team Believe". Our family lived across the street from Bella and watched as she made lockets out of her living room for friends and neighbors and now look, she has grown an amazing company with designers all across the United States, in Puerto Rico and Canada! You are about to begin a journey that can change your life. Origami Owl will become a part of you and you will touch people in ways you never thought possible. Whether you just want to have fun jewelry bars, or build a business to take you to financial freedom, the choice is yours and we are here to help!
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We are here for you!

Our team has many branches.......the first important person in your Origami family will be your MENTOR. She will guide you through those first questions and be there for you. However, there are some other ways you can connect to get answers.

1. Visit your back office and check out the Origami Owl Academy. Really spend some time and dig around in there. This is where you will find information pertaining to your business. Check it out - there is a lot of information to be found in there!

2. Ask your mentor to sign you up for our secret Team Believe Facebook page - once added you will be to access all kinds of files and information. You will also be able to connect to other designers, ask questions and really feel like you are a part of our team!

3. Watch the Webinars in the back office RIGHT NOW!! You can find these in the Stay up to date tab in your back office. Log into your back office and make your way to Origami Owl Academy. Once there use the search bar and enter New Designer, this will actually pull up all kinds of information for the new designer. We are sure you will find this information very helpful!

And finally, you can email Madison, Tatum and I: teambelieve.tami@gmail.com

Please try to get your answers from your mentor or your back office tabs first. Sending in basic questions to designer care really "bogs" down the system and slows response time. Remember, this is an INDEPENDENT business. Try to be a "self-starter." Dig into your back office and find answers on your own, this is the best way to become familiar. Knowledge is power!

How to take flight!

So you are a designer, what now?! The great news is that everyone loves the lockets, tags and everything about Origami Owl, so you will never have to worry about "selling" a locket, they sell themselves. As my friend Tiffany Golden says, "hobbies cost money, businesses make money," so I say we treat this as a business, right?

With that being said there are a few key things you will want to do to get your business rolling.


1. Business card orders? Business cards will empower you to get moving, you now have a card and people will take you seriously. Origami Owl has made ordering our business cards very easy. Sign into your back office. Click on "SHOP" and then Business cards, that is it! Pick your card and personalize. Once you complete that you will be ready to go!

2. Get your signature for your emails. This directly links your email signature to your website and to ordering. www.myesigpartners.com and it looks so professional!

3. YOU WANT TO GET PAID! Origami pays you through an awesome credit card with our logo on it & it deposits directly to your card. You can then transfer that money to your bank account or keep it all on the card & use it as your business expense account! Go to www.payquicker.com & sign up today to get paid! You must do this to get paid.

Also, for your "on the go" parties & smart phone purchases from customers you might want to make sure that you have a credit card swiper. We live in a world of convenience. If you have a smartphone or an Ipad or tablet, these swipers are amazing, they can make direct deposits into your bank account or some even offer a debit card for your use.

4. Looking for display items? In your back office under "SHOP", "Origami Owl Tools Store", "Jewelry Bar Supplies" you can browse or search for specific item numbers. It is here you can find and order the beautiful white owl, tablecloths, linen busts and all other display items you will need for your jewelry bar. I might add that we are trying hard to BRAND Origami Owl. Please do not use purple owls, crazy table colors or clutter. Keep it simple, keep it clean, display the Origami owl colors (teal, black and white) with pride so that anyone walking into a room or event without signage will say "Oh, that is an Origami Owl display." There are many, many great examples out there for you to view. Make sure you check out other designers' Facebook pages, Origami Owls Facebook page, Pinterest or just Google it! It is OK to have fun with your layout but you will look really sharp with a simple display.

5. Looking for Business supplies? Our Take Out Menus, Starter booklets, Jewelry Bar Planners, order forms and other business related products can be found in your back office under "SHOP", "Jewelry Bar Business Essentials". Make sure that you have on hand all the supplies that you will need for a successful Jewelry Bar!

6. Need to contact the Nest? Visit your home website page or www.origamiowl.com and click on "contact us" at the bottom of the page. In the drop down menu you can choose if you are a designer or a customer. Select your reason for contact, fill out the form and Submit the Nest will get back to you as soon as possible. If you or your customer would rather call you can reach Designer Care at (888) 491-0331- Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. MST.

7. Have an issue with an order, missing item, need to return or exchange an item? Maybe a question on your commission or a compliance issue - please contact the Nest. Visit www.origamiowl.com at the bottom of the page click on "contact us" - enter "designer" and then make your selection from the drop down menu. Remember all forms can be found in your back office.

8. Dig deep into your back office for valuable information about the career plan, jewelry bars, webinars, and everything you need to build your business!!

9. Every month the Nest puts out a Webinar for the designers. These Webinars are filled with information, ideas and sometimes even a sneak peek or two! Please make sure that you check your back office for the link and password.

Believe in yourself and your team!

Stay connected to your goal and your dream. The best way to do that is to engage! Watch your back office for announcements on Webinars from The Nest, these are usually action-packed with information that could be vital to your business. These webinars are pre-recorded so you can watch it at your convenience. Set aside the one hour a week to listen in! There is always at least one piece of information that could help you boost your business.

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My O2 Rewards

Origami Owl has a new reward system in place. This system rewards you for just doing what you love! There are 2 levels of rewards for you to achieve. Each level brings its own perks and rewards. Please make sure for full details that you visit your back office, click on "My O2 Business" and then "My O2 Rewards"
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Storybuilder rewards and recognizes Independent Designers for holding at least one (1) average Jewelry Bar (250 PV) per month.
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Jumpstart to Owlchiever

New Independent Designers, are automatically enrolled in the Jumpstart to Owlchiever Program. Its purpose is to jumpstart your business by getting you on the road to Team Leader.
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Owlchiever rewards and recognizes Independent Designers who are performing the monthly activities (personal selling, personal sponsoring, and helping others to Team Leaders) that will grow a healthy Origami Owl business.

Brand new Owlette Program, you only have to be 12 to join!! Get those young people involved!

Watch this inspiring video of our very own Madi Butcher! Now 18 Madi is no longer an Owlette but a full designer who is already building her team! Hear what she has to say about being an Owlette!


If you are a new Owlette team please email Laurie at lauriemoeckly@yahoo.com. Laurie will then add you to our Team Believe Owlette Newsletter!
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Next years convention is in Orlando! Convention is an amazing time to connect with your team and other designers. It is a place where you can get the support and inspiration you need and it is a great place to learn!

August 4th through the 6th is convention time - so save the dates and save your money, you are not going to want to miss this!

Location will be the Orange County Convention Center. Details and registration will be forthcoming - watch your back office and emails!
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Decide What YOU Want

Four years ago if you told Madison, Tatum and I we would have a team over 6,000 including moms, dads, sons and daughters, we would never have believed it, but it's real. We are watching lives being changed every single day, we are seeing friends and family obtain financial freedom and live the life they have always dreamed of. What is the difference between you and them? Time. Invest the time and you will reap the rewards. Opportunities like Origami Owl come once in a life time. I hope you are ready for it, I hope you are ready for your life to change, because mark my words, it will. Plan your launch party today, do not wait. Keep giving the opportunity to your friends and family and before you know it, your team will grow beyond your wildest imagination. We are so excited about this journey you are about to embark upon.

All our love and many smiles,

Tami, Tatum and Madison Butcher

Thank you for joining Team Believe!