A Career In Psychology

Requirements, applications, and overview

Psychology Examines Many Parts of the Human Psyche

Psychology can fit into many different categories, this is mainly due to the fact that is studies the human brain, which is split into numerous parts and pieces. Personality is a basis for a psychological examination, a personality tells a lot about a person, even the smallest detail can reveal much more than expected. Not all Psychology topics are about the human brain however, there is also the study of methods of inquiry, this is the study of how best to approach someone with questions, or in simple terms, it helps you know what to do when you need to ask a question and how best to handle it. Did you know that the human psyche is very similar to that of a pig? In fact, scientists and psychologists study the behavior of other animals to better understand humans. The biggest part of psychology is communication, without commmunication a psychologist can't interpret problems with the patient or provide solutions. Human development is a natural factor to the psyche, it can change with age and so it is studied at different periods and stages of life.

Plenty of Courses Available!

There are quite literally hundreds of courses you can take that are very similar or are a variation of psychology. Many colleges offer a course titled "Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics", this course is a paragon of a psychology course! In this course you would study a wide variety of mental functions, subconcious habits, and the entire topic of speech. Social Psychology is another topic of study, allowing the individual to delve into their social patterns. Both of these courses allow the studier to gain the full benefit of Psychology and understand themselves better. Both of these courses are also provided in many colleges throughout the United States. All of these courses either directly or indirectly apply to the career path of psychology.

Job Outlook

This career has an outlook of 12% as of 2013. When you began your career you can get a yearly salary of around $36,000. A Psychologist has many tasks, depending upon the overall location and position of your career. Over 1/4 of psychologists are self-employed, but many prefer to work for an official business or establishment. Mid-career salary is around $61,000 per year. Requirements for this career are empathy, cognitive understanding, and experience in either forensics, the clinical field, or counseling. You need at least a doctorates degree to qualify for this career.


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