Bumblebee Bats

The cutest bat you will ever see.


Not only are they the world's smallest bat, Bumblebee bats are the worlds smallest mammal in general. In the world today, there are less than 10,000 of these bats in the wild. They are found in Western Thailand and Myanmar. The biggest threat to this species is the annual burning of the forests near their caves in Thailand. As of 2001, the Bumblebee bat is considered a "vulnerable species" on the scale of conservations status's.

How are we trying to save these little bats?

The species is protected under the Wild Animals Reservation and Protection Act (WARPA) in Thailand. Forest fires being their main cause of threat, anything that Thailand can do to prevent these fires will further help the Bumblebee bat's population grow.
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Threats to Bumblebee bats

The two major threats to the bats are the forest fires and the capturing and sale of the little creatures. Visitors from around the world want to see the world's smallest mammal, thus giving poachers a chance to make money off of this endangered species.