The Muscular System

Shira & zach

About the muscular system

The Muscular System is very important because it is like padding to your bone so you don't get arthritis.

Functions of the muscular system

-Muscles let your body move because they hold up your body.

-You can't talk without muscles because your jaw is a muscle.

How the Muscular System works with the Skeletal System

-The muscular system works well with the skeletal system.

-The muscles protect the bones.

-The muscles are like padding so you don't get arthritis in your bones.

-Your muscles help you chew your food because your jaw is a muscle.

-Your muscles help you pick up things because your fingers are bones and they have muscles.

What could go wrong with the system

-You can get arthritis

-This would be bad because it hurts to move your body with arthritis.

-You could pull a muscle.

-This is bad because if you pull a muscle it is very painful & it can swell.

fun fact

-did you know that the muscles help control your body temperature.

BrainPOP animation about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy