Spring Break 2020 Edition

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

"Don't think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains."

- Anne Frank

Message from Superintendent Mueller

Good evening,

This afternoon Governor Gavin Newsom declared public schools will remain physically closed for the rest of the school year, and that Distance Learning will be the exclusive model of instructional delivery. He did not issue an Executive Order mandating the closure. Coronado Unified School District will continue to monitor guidance from the State Superintendent and the San Diego County Office of Education carefully. Social distancing during the pandemic requires us to make responsible decisions. Our course of action will be aligned and in conjunction with state and local health practitioners. We will focus our effort on Distance Learning while reserving the right to reopen if health conditions improve and allow. In summary, learning in CUSD will commence on Monday via Distance Learning, we will keep our schools closed in Coronado until directives from public health care officials lift the quarantine, and when we receive confirmation that it is safe to return, we will transition back to our regular schedule as soon as possible.

State Superintendent Thurmond’s update this afternoon provided limited guidance on how districts across the state will assess, grade, and award credits earned during Distance Learning. I believe we will have, and will advocate for, local control. I plan on working closely with Superintendents across San Diego County to engage in discussions in order to borrow, share, and model best practices. Most importantly, we will work in close partnership with our CUSD teachers and ACT leadership to ensure our students are held both accountable and harmless in our Distance Learning program. Please review information on how the California State University system will support students during these unprecedented times.

This week, we successfully distributed over 300 devices to CUSD families to create the conditions for a successful Distance Learning Plan implementation. Our teachers are responding to the ever-changing school closure timelines in a professional and commendable fashion. These are unique and challenging times. This is new territory for our teachers. They were not trained on Distance Learning. I applaud their effort to get standards-aligned curricula and experiences into the hands of our students, via Distance Learning, so quickly. This is our new reality, and we will continue to adjust, modify, enhance, and design experiences to meet the needs of every child, every day.

This is new for our parents and students, too.

We have received a handful of questions requesting a ‘set schedule’ for the deployment of our Distance Learning initiative. Some have suggested, with a desire for normalcy and structure, for us to determine and enforce mandatory times for instruction to take place. It is important to consider that many of our students are sharing devices with parents, siblings, and loved ones who are working from home during the pandemic. In those instances, structured time may not be realistic or equitable. In other instances, our teachers are now providing support for sick family members and child care for their own children who are unable to attend school and/or child care. Our commitment to all shareholders is equity and access; flexibility and understanding is essential. As I shared last week, through adversity comes creativity, humility, and perspective. This will not be perfect, but we will navigate these unprecedented times most successfully in solidarity.

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we work through this rapidly evolving situation.


Karl Mueller


Class of 2020

We don’t know how, we don’t know when; but we will honor our students’ hard work and celebrate their successes. We will commemorate our students’ significant achievements and grant them their rite of passage. All the Pomp. All the Circumstance. In doing so, our community will have an opportunity to memorialize our Senior Class’s rightful place in a proud legacy of 106 other Graduating Classes from Coronado High School. Stay tuned for additional information including opportunities to participate in a survey designed to solicit creative ideas for how we can support and celebrate our students.

CUSD Grab-and-Go Meal Service

Grab-and-Go Meal Service at Village Elementary and Silver Strand

Beginning April 6th - Every Monday (with the exception of 4/13 'holiday' - pick up 4/14)

Location: Multi-Purpose Rooms at VES (H Street) and Silver Strand Elementary

Distribution Time: 11:00AM - 1:00PM

Beginning on April 6th, all families with children 18 and under will be able to pick up free breakfast and lunch meals via curb-side pick-up. Each child will receive one hot lunch (a slice of Papa John’s cheese pizza) and a bag that contains 5 days’ worth of meals for breakfast and lunch. Meals may consist of packaged, refrigerated, and/or frozen items (heating instructions will be provided). Children are not required to be students of Coronado Unified School District. While the original program was designed to serve families in free/reduced priced status, we are making extra meals to serve our entire school community. This is free for all children, regardless of meal status. – please spread the word.

Students who are receiving meals are encouraged to be physically present at the time of pick-up. Additionally, adults may pick up meals for students not present by printing and submitting this form at the time of pick-up. All meals will be distributed curb-side to decrease the risk of exposure. Only those in cars will be served meals during this pick-up window, no walk ups or bicycles allowed in order to maintain social distancing. If you are unable to pick-up meals by car, please email on or before Friday, April 3 at noon and we will schedule an alternative window to pick-up a meal.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Patrick!

Nothing will deter acts of kindness from our supportive, creative, and loving CUSD students and parents!

Village Elementary School Second Grade teacher, Mrs. Patrick, received a pleasant surprise at home this morning as students and parents gathered in front of her home to wish her a Happy Birthday. Practicing appropriate 'social distancing' a car parade with signs, balloons, and enthusiastic Explorers let their teacher, and the world, know how much they love and miss her.

Thank you, CUSD Students and Parents, for connecting, challenging, and championing our STAFF every day!

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Patrick

And now, a message from Coronado High School ASB President, John Shoemaker

ASB Presdient

Adhere to Social Distancing

Please be mindful of, and responsive to, all guidance provided from Federal, State, and Local first responders and health practitioners regarding the need for social distancing. We know that self-quarantining efforts will ensure your safety. We also know that some of our students are not practicing social and physical distancing. Remember, while you believe that you may not get sick, you may unknowingly spread the virus to others and/or extend the timeline on state and local restrictions for congregating with others. Everyone has a role in this pandemic; everyone has a responsibility. Prevent onward transmission to protect yourself, your loved ones, and our community. We are encouraging compliance for all as the longer individuals are violating recommended distancing, the longer we will all be sequestered.
Time to Come In, Bear: A Children's Story About Social Distancing
Animated match-burning video shows how social distancing can stop the spread of Covid-19

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