Up Up And Away With Chocolate Milk!

A Persuasive By: Jaelyn Daniels

Have you ever thought about chocolate milk being more unhealthy than it is? Well, I think chocolate milk should be banned from all schools because It lacks iron, protein and has a very low amount of vitamins!

Chocolate milk has a very low amount of protein! Please, if there is one thing I need its protein! Chocolate milk only has 8% protein! I need more than that and i'm sure you do too! I'm not the only one trying to stay healthy here!

I know that kids drink more milk if it's flavored but, schools already have strawberry milk that ecleast has a fruit taste instead of chocolate! I believe that the chocolate in chocolate milk is what makes it unhealthy!

Did you know chocolate milk lacks iron? you may think iron isn't good but if all you drink is chocolate milk, having a low amount of iron can cause dangerous health problems. So having iron can be good but having to much can also be dangerous!

Did you know chocolate milk has only 10% of vitamins, so that means 0% of every vitamin but A!! vitamins are very important for your body to stay healthy and when chocolate milk lacks vitamins you aren't healthy!

So if you are for chocolate milk, please reconsider that because chocolate milk only has 10% vitamins and has a low amount of iron and has barely no protein! So do you still believe in chocolate milk?

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