Willow Acers

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*..Declaration of Independence..*

The society of Gratuitous Ludicrous has moved from London because we don't think that people appreciate nature. They take advantage of the things they have. We dislike money because it defines who people are. We don't like that.
In our society of Gratuitous Ludicrous, there is no money. (except under special circumstances.) We believe that nature is the main part of our lives. Electricity will be solar powered or wind powered. We are a drug free community. We will vow never to introduce drugs to our community. We appreciate nature and how we use it. No slaughtering of animals of any kind or harming people or animals. The environment is part of us. And some people just take for granted.

The Rules of Willow Acres

1) No physical contact
2) no plagirism
3) No stealing

5) No drugs, smoking, or tobacco

6) No littering

7) No harm to animals

8) No slaughtering of the animals (injected with a painless shot)

9) Only acquire money on work paydays


11) All electricity wind or solar powered

12) Working is always on the computer at home

13) Adults can choose work days

14) Wednesdays you get off early

15) If you commit a minor crime you serve community service

16) If you commit a major crime, you get exiled from the land

Goverment Body

Our government is very lenient with our citizens here in Willow Acers. They provide enough food portions for each neighborhood. They make the reasonable laws for our citizens and provide free education. Our society is a monarchy and is ruled by King harry and Queen Skylar. They are nice and kind individuals. They care about nature as much as our citizens do. Our laws are made by voting. A soon to be law will be made up by KIng Harry and Queen Skylar. The law will be passed to the public and we will have a vote. People will vote for yes or no and whichever has the most votes will be the winner whether we finalize it as a law.

Our Society Animal

Our Society Animal is an elephant because they are gentle but strong and have human traits. Like kind, lovable, protective, and sweet.
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Thursday, Dec. 18th, 2:45pm

Willow Acerz

You can sign up to come live here with us in Willow Acers!

..Daily Itenerary..

Every day, wake up call is 10:00am. One of our specially trained birds will fly to your tree house and will be your alarm to wake you up. After that you have two hours of family time (breakfast, watching T.V., playing, ect.) Then, at 12:00 you will depart for school/work. You can come in for school/work anytime between 12:00-1:00. You will be departed from school/work at 4:30pm. After that, you will have more free time to do with as you wish. 8:00pm is your "dinner time". For school, all schoolwork or homework is required to be done for that day. "Bed time" is at 10:30pm.
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