Mississippi River and Farms

Farms' Effect in Detrimental and Beneficial Ways

Farm Animals


The cows and pigs eat,

which is giving us good food.


The cows and pigs are putting

manure on the farm which is causing

pollution in the Mississippi River.



Farmers put fertilizer on crops

to help them grow.


The fertilizer runoff goes into the

river which causes pollution

which increases the size of the Dead Zone in

the Gulf Of Mexico.

Two Sides To The Story


The EPA is trying to make farmers help.


The farmers are not listening and the runoff is increasing the size of the Dead Zone. The Dead Zone is the part of the Gulf of Mexico where everything is dead. It is the size of New Jersey.

EPA Fines Gov. Branstad’s Brother

The farm had about 2,500 cattle in barns and outside pens. They had a permit to get rid of the manure, but they did not keep records and they didn't make sure it was safe. The EPA wants the farm to pay $5,100 for a civil penalty and pay $26,000 to install a wetland area near the farm.Wetlands will benefit the environment by slowing down the manure from going into the river and will benefit Iowa’s water quality.

In 2011 State environmental officials had a complaint about 900,000 gallons of manure was on Branstad's field. Monroe Branstad had to pay $10,000 for discharging manure into tributaries.

EPA Clean Water Act

Environmental Protection Agency and the deal over Clean Water Act

Officials of Iowa are saying they will inspect more livestock farms and enforce penalties when manure travels into the river. A federal agreement was signed by the EPA and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources on Wednesday, September 11, 2013. The agreement said they would inspect more of large livestock farms with farms more than 1,000 cows and 2,500 hogs. That would be 3,200 farms. "This work plan is a reflection of Iowans working together on a commonsense solution that will encourage best practices,” said DNR Director Chuck Gipp.

Farmers Opinion

What Farmers Have To Say:

“Farmers are tried of being blamed” Perry

Beeman said. What he's trying to say is that farms are not the only reason the Mississippi is polluted.

Ways To Help

Ways To Help

  1. Spread the manure on your field as fertilizer.
  2. Ship it to farmers that need it.
  3. Build wetlands to go between the farm and the rivers.


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