Indus River Valley

By. Chase Demmel

Indus river valley

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Rise of a empire

They where much more simpler than most empires at the time. There cites were smaller and they didn't worried about power as much as the Egyptians Persians etc. They didn't have much of a army or even many weapons as they were only used to kill animals. Without having many weapons the Aryans invaded. Unlike the people that lived in the Indus river valley they left writings.
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Why they failed

They were not a society that ran off of power. They didn't have many weapons or even a army. When the Aryans charged in on there horses and advanced weapons they were able to take it over very easily.
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What can the US learn from this society

There where many theories on how they failed. Some include the lose of trading. Others say the environment flooded them out too. Basically they couldn't trade and became poor. What the US could do to not let this happen is to not relay on other countries for goods, foods, etc.
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Map of the Indus river valley.

It is very close to modern day Pakistan.
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Aryans symbol the swastika.

This symbol is a swastika meaning prosperity. It may look familiar as you might know as a symbol for the Nazis. Hitler changed the angle of it and used it as his own.
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Accomplishments in architecture

They needed to have a large walls to block from water
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Sophisticated Society

There Society mostly made of brick and stone. They had a great drainage system along with wells and water storage. They made jewelry and game pieces for there children. They developed a writing system that lasted for hundreds of years, unlike some other civilizations. Even today we don't know half of what they wrote.