Jason Hogle the Wolf

Aspiring Rehabilitation Specialist

20% Heart

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Much like the wolf spend its time working to better it's pack, I spend most of my free time trying to better my community. I spend most of my free time feeding the homeless at Our Daily Bread and walking dogs at Operation Kindness.

20% Loyal

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Just like a wolf is loyal to a pack, I am loyal to an extreme with any group or organization I am involved with. I spent years playing club soccer and working with organizations. I work hard for the betterment of the group I'm in and can be both a leader or a humble servant, depending on what's needed of me.

20% Courage

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Much like a wolf is wildly courageous, I courageously tackle new obstacles and challenges. I fear nothing. I take risks, protect those I care about, and do what's necessary to get the job done. I work for what's right and will relentlessly pursue my goals no matter how many obstacles stand in my way, or how bleak the outcome could be.

20% Intelligence

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Much like a wolf is a very intelligent animal, I am a very intelligent man. I had the grades and determination to make it into the Honor's Program at Texas Woman's University. I also am currently doing very well in my studies of Kinesiology as well at TWU.

20% Determination

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Much like a wolf is determined to make the kill and survive by any means necessary, I am determined to make a difference in the world. I determined to make my dreams a reality and become the ultimate rehabilitation specialist I can be. I already have certifications in CPR, first aid, and am in training in both the field of Kinesiology and Physical Therapy through my involvement with numerous programs and classes at TWU.

Howl to Contact Me if Interested in Learning

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Jason Hogle

Cell Phone: 469-964-5783

Email: jhoglefcdtx@hotmail.com

Address: 315 Rockcrest Ct, Coppell, Texas, 75019


Chad Rakestraw: Head Soccer Coach at Coppell High School (crakestraw@coppellisd.com)

Barry Jones: Head Trainer at Coppell High School (bjones@coppellisd.com)

Yvette Carson: Head Trainer at Coppell High School (ycarson@coppellisd.com)