Jeff Bezos

By:Selman Jakupovic

Who is Jeff Bezos? And what is he famous for?

Jeff Bezos is the CEO and founder of Amazon. Amazon is website where you can find Items like tablets, food and more. He got the name Amazon from the Amazon River because there is so many different branches the Amazon River has. Jeff Bezos worked at his dads garage when he was a teen. He created a laboratory in the garage.

History of Jeff Bezos life?

Jeffrey Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His mother Jacklyn, left his father Ted Jorgensen, when Jeff was only one year old. Mother married again for Jeffrey's stepfather, Mike Bezos, who was Cuban. He came to the United States when he was 15.They moved to Houston, where his stepfather became an engineer for Exxon company. The family moved to Miami when Jeff was a teenager. In high school he showed a passion for computers. He was good student. One of the best in his class. He choose to go to Princeton University but his love for computer never left him. He was graduated in computer science. At same university he meet his future wife, Mackenzie. Jeff decide to be in finance business. In that time, internet was unknown to lot of people, but Jeff discover to use internet for shipping different things.

Net worth

According to Forbes, Amazon's net worth is 47 billion.

What Jeff Bezos is doing now?

In last couple of years, Amazon's owner Jeff Bezos, added new products to his company such as Kindle Fire,Kindle phone, also he bought newspaper Washington Post. This summer, Jeff Bezos is planning to build private spaceflight company. He named this project Blue Origin, this facility will be located at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.


Jeff Bezos gave a lot of money for charity. He gave over 10 mil. for Immunology therapy research, over 50 mil for Aspen Institute education. He even played a tennis match with Anna Kournikova for charity foundation. He collect over 400 000 dollars for Kids of Harlem.


"I knew that if i failed I wouldn't regret that, but i know the one thing I might regret is not trying."
Jeff Bozes
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