Marshmead Options Day

A brief outline of an Options Day at Marshmead

What is an Options Day?

Options day occurs on a Saturday at Marshmead. This is a day where you can enjoy doing fun activities with your friends and have a new experience each time.

What can you do on an Options Day?

Some activities available on options day include:


Creek Exploring


Marshmead Survivor

Paddock to Plate


Talk and Chalk

Rainforest Walk

These activities all have one or two teachers running them and last for majority of the day. On Options days you create memories, make friends and have lots of fun doing whatever activity you are in.

Photos of People Enjoying Options Day.

What to do?

What to do?

A couple of days before options day there will be a page on MyMLC which has all the options of what you could do for options day. You rate each one from 1 being the one you want to do and 4 being the one you wouldn't like to do. Then Mr Spilsbury sorts everyone into groups. Then a sheet is put in your house pigeon hole and you find out what your doing and what to bring.